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Headscratchers: Death Battle
Remember not to ask things like "Why did <character> do <action> instead of <preferred action> in <time>?". In the second Q&A, Wizard specifically states the fights are not representative of who actually wins the Death Battle; the winner is decided well beforehand through research into the combatants. The fights are purely for entertainment purposes.
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    Akuma vs Shang Tsung 
  • Why was Shin Akuma and Oni not mentioned yet M. Bison had his Final Bison form?
    • I think Oni is considered a separate character with a different personality. Even though he used to be Akuma he isn't a transformation he can use anytime. As for Shin Akuma, it's not a transformation either, that's just him not holding back.
    • They may have reasoned that since Akuma did not need either of those forms (really, anyone who knows both characters could see Tsung had no chance) they wouldn't bother mentioning them, since that suggests that he's going to show it in the battle when there would be no reason to.

    Rogue vs Wonder Woman 
  • Why did Wiz and Boomstick match Wonder Woman to Rogue? Wonder Woman is an iconic character in the DC Universe and is part of their premier trio of superheroes (alongside Superman and Batman), while Rogue is nowhere near as iconic (even though she IS quite popular) and is tied more to the X-Men than the general Marvel Universe. Also, in terms of powers, Wonder Woman has Super Strength as one of her superpowers while Rogue's main power is absorbing other people's powers, which is why she even HAS Super Strength in the first place. And lastly, the trivia page mentioned that both of them wear oversexualized outfits, but Rogue's traditional costume, while skintight, is in no way revealing like Wonder Woman's. Considering all of these, wouldn't it have made more sense to match Wonder Woman to Ms. Marvel (or even She-Hulk) instead?
    • Most match ups are voted by fans, with the possible exception of Starscream and Rainbow Dash. Also judging how iconic a character is can be considered more opinion than fact, but they are still both quite popular characters.
    • Also as shown by The Most Common Super Power, you don't need to be revealing to have fanboys get involved in Rule34.
    • The Rogue they used and that many (I won't argue most as that would be hard to quantify) is the one from the 90's comics and cartoons. They very rarely mentioned Carol Danvers and a lot of people didn't know that she'd absorbed flight and super strength since every other power she absorbed went away naturally relatively quickly. Add on that Wonder Woman is rarely (and I mean by her parent company DC as much as fans) afforded the respect that she should rate as one of the Big Three. She's instead generally treated much like Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter as just a member of the team.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale 
  • What is with Wizard's hate for Michelangelo?
    • Judging from what Wizard said, it could be because he uses Nunchaku, which aren't really weapons at all, that he's the least likely to actually be able to use such a complicated weapon, and Wizard doesn't think he really deserves the victories he has as a result of this.
    • Apparently the actor who plays Wiz actually likes Michelangelo, so its probably just meant to be that Wiz (the character) is an intellectual snob who finds the loud and Book Dumb Mikey annoying.
    • Still, the criticism seemed unnecessarily harsh and loses it entertainment value to any who marginally likes (or even those who just barely tolerate) Mikey.

    Kratos vs Spawn 
  • Kratos may have killed gods, but he can still die in very easy ways, especially during gameplay. In fact he once died from falling off a mountain, so this lack of immortality would have made him easily killed by Spawn's fatality move. This means that no matter how powerful Kratos is, Spawn survived and regenerated from all his injuries before the end of the match, while Kratos didn't recover from his injuries due to his mortality. Ultimately, Spawn could survive the fight longer than Kratos could. Also, Spawn can survive being impaled through the chest with a holy weapon; it happens multiple times in his canon. Because Spawn wasn't decapitated, he didn't die.
  • The assessment that Kratos does not know that Spawn needs to be decapitated. Maybe Kratos doesn't know that, but he beheads his enemies often enough, it seems reasonable he'd at least try it.
    • Even if he did try it, Spawn would never give him the chance to use the one and only weapon he has in a fatal manner. It's the only weapon that can physically harm him. Once he knows that he'll do his best to dispose of it and Kratos is thereby SOL

    Digdug vs Bomberman 
  • Digdug's secondary method of attack, crushing his enemies with underground rocks, isn't mentioned. Why not?
    • It's implied by the line about manipulating the environment to his advantage.
  • Why was Bomberman allowed to have a Rooey in the battle? Sure, it didn't help him much, but doesn't that go against the no-outside-help rule?
    • Rooey is considered more of a power-up. It was to show how Digdug would defeat superior enemies by his digging ability and ambushes. Also if it wasn't used, Bomberman fans would ask why Rooeys were not used. At the same time, Mario wasn't allowed to use Yoshi but then again Yoshi is not only a fully fleshed-out character but is able to fight without assistance. Also Batman wasn't allowed to use his Bat-Jet or Batmobile and Spider-Man does borrow Iron-Man's vehicles sometimes, but that would have been too awkward for a fist-fight.

    Vegeta vs Shadow 
  • Shadow's chaos control ability is described as not being useful in battle and shown only to teleport others. However in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (vs mode), Sonic Heroes (in team blast and as Metal Sonic's attack), and Shadow the Hedgehog (in boss battles)- Chaos Control can be used in combat by freezing or slowing down time, allowing Shadow to attack his enemy as they are frozen.
    • A few explanations: A) Wiz and Boomstick didn't consider it canon B) Wiz and Boomstick didn't think it would matter in a fight, so they didn't mention it, or C) Wiz and Boomstick can't always research everything a character was in or was a part of. They may have genuinely missed something here.
  • Why didn't Shadow win after he went super? he could have teleported Vegeta into the sun. Additionally, no dragon ball character has physically moved a heavenly body...
    • It's unknown how far away Chaos Control can send someone. Also Shadow didn't know Vegeta could survive on the moon or other planets, that's why Shadow sent Vegeta underwater or to the moon. By the time he had the chance to do it again, he was low on energy. Besides that's a cheap way to win, considering the fact that Shadow has never done that before.
    • Additionally, the hosts note that Vegeta has is capable of taking a prolonged beating from enemies that outclass him by a wide margin.

    Mario vs Sonic 
  • As the Mario vs Sonic match was focusing so much on the power-ups, some of Sonic's abilities were ignored. His Light Speed Attack and Homing Attack were not used and his wind attacks like the Tornado Jump (from Sonic Heroes) and Sonic Wind (from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Battle) were not mentioned. His newest attack- Sonic Boost (which allows Sonic to charge into his opponents) also is ignored.
    • If fans are unsure of if a character deserved to win or if the rules of Death Battle are inconsistent among the episodes then it could upset some fans.
    • If they were used, Mario would have died very quickly. Wiz and Boomstick wanted to nerf Sonic a little to make the fight interesting. That still doesn't mean they didn't take those into account when determining the winner, though.
  • Why were Mario´s other powers ignored ? If we remove the power-ups he still is strong enough to lift a fortress, dodge cannonballs, endure being blasted into space, perform the same decapitating kick that Peach did, extensive pyrokinesis and the RPG badges. These powers would have been very decisive in the match´s outcome, so how come they were ignored ?
    • Because if Mario was allowed more abilities, so would Sonic (see above headscratcher). I'm not sure how they (Mario's ignored powers) would have been very decisive, though;I haven't heard of those things.
  • Sonic could not swim during the fight or the character analysis, despite more-or-less having learned how to in Sonic Colors and was able to survive off of air bubbles or recover with springs like in Sonic 1 or Sonic 2. Why wasn't this mentioned?
    • Because Sonic's fear and inability to swim is more iconic than him learning how to do what you said. If Sonic didn't start dying once he got into the lake, people might have been confused.
  • At some point in the battle, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus in which Mario uses the Tanooki suit to turn into a statue. ...Why didn't Boomstick and Wizard mention the Tanooki suit if they were going to use it in the battle?
    • The Tanooki Suit only allows Mario to fly, tail-whip and turn invincible, but his other power-ups can do similar things. Wiz mentioned in some interviews that the research and status part of the video can be longer but the hosts don't want it to be too long, otherwise it would be a waste of time. They mentioned at the ending that because both fighters have power-ups that would negate each other- the outcome was determined by their basic skills. They also mentioned that using lesser known power-ups would yield a similar result as there are just too many used by both fighters to put in a single fight.

    Rainbow Dash vs Starscream 
  • For those who don't believe that Rainbow Dash can create explosions, there was such a move that debuted after the Death Battle episode. Fans dubbed it the Sonic-Rain-Nuke. Here's the clip.
  • How was Rainbow Dash able to hurt Starscream?
    • The answer is provided in the battle. Rainbow Dash's bucking with her hind legs doesn't even scuff Starscream's paint job, so she uses lightning boltsnote , a tornadonote , and ultimately redirects Starscream's own missile salvo back into him. In addition the Sonic Rainboom, in Friendship is Magic, has shown itself able to split giant boulders apart with its shock-wave even from a great distance away, or demolish entire buildings in direct impact.
  • The methods used to calculate Rainbow Dash's speed are suspect. That graphic didn't act like a mach cone, and she wasn't producing a sonic boom at that point, or contrails, or other things that happen when one breaks the sound barrier. Technically, she doesn't make one while in the Sonic Rainboom state either, but that can be explained as a property of the Sonic Rainboom, which also allows her to basically ignore momentum and G-forces. However, even if the exact numbers used in the Death Battle are inaccurate, Rainbow's flying skills and agility will easily overwhelm someone as clumsy as Starscream.
  • How come Ben and Chad refuse to do a Death Battle with characters like Naruto and Luffy because their series weren't over, yet they used G4 Rainbow Dash while the second season was starting out?
    • Action shows are a wee-bit different than Little Girl's shows. Plus, after some research, it was clear that Rainbowdash's current form already vastly outmatched Starscream's set-in-stone G1 form. They only really need one character's final form if said form is already weaker than the opponent's current form. That being said, they may hold off using a character again, like Rainbowdash, if the next match up proves to be way too close (in this case the next episode in either franchise's series could change the outcome).

    Doomguy vs Master Chief 
  • Although Doomguy's massive amount of weapons gives him superior firepower, Master Chief has Regenerating Health (because of his futuristic armor) and his plasma shield. This means that Doomguy's offense is countered by Master Chief's defenses. Doomguy, who rarely hides behind cover, is using a more primitive armor and so is more vulnerable.
  • Despite lacking in area of effect, the Spartan Laser had a near-instant travel time after being charged up, while the BFG 9000 needed to impact something first.
  • Although Doomguy (who can run 57mph) is technically faster than Master Chief (at least 50mph), it isn't fast enough to make a significant difference.
  • Doomguy might have had a somewhat unfair but canon-based advantage for his weapons as he brought more ammo to the fight. I.E, his rocket launcher has only 2-4 rockets available when first acquired, but Doomguy could find and carry up to 50 or even 100 rockets ingame. This means that in the fight, due to gameplay differences, Doomguy have maximum ammo while Master Chief needed to find and pick up weapons, being unable to stock up on their supply. This is why Doomguy was firing dozens of rockets while Master Chief ran out of ammo for his rifle. According to the experts, this is credited to Doomguy's experimental backpack.
  • Anybody wondering why the Unmaker was brought up if they were going to bring up that it couldn't The Master Chief because he's not a demon, it's because the fans would likely complain if it wasn't. The Death Battle hosts take into account any technicality, like how Kratos' weapons are technically not holy or unholy and so is not lethal to Spawn or how the Spirit Bomb cannot be used as a weapon against heroes like Superman.
    • Interestingly, however, the Doom Bible (where information about the Unmaker originates) says nothing about it feeding only on demonic energy, instead saying it feeds on human souls.

    Eggman vs Wily 
  • Many fans wanted to see Zero in Wily's army instead of Bass. Although both are Robot Masters and both have betrayed Wily multiple times, Bass is obviously more of a villain than Zero, who teams up with Megaman more frequently. Putting both of them in the match would have been unfair.
  • E-102 Gamma and E-123 Omega are not in Eggman's army obviously because they defected, even though Eggman created them. Infact, Omega is never seen under Eggman's control in the games.
    • The E-121 Phi robots are similar to the other Metal versions of the Sonic characters in terms of combat style (like Silver Sonic, Shadow Androids or Metal Knuckles). Also Phi and Gemerl's designs are from Emerl's design, not Eggman's original design. Beisdes, Gemerl's copy abilities are similar to Metal Sonic's anyways.
  • Tails Doll's combat abilities are unknown, despite being ABSOLUTELY EVIL.
  • Even if Scratch and Grounder were not used, Eggman has similar idiotic and useless robot duos (like Decoe and Bocoe from Sonic X and Orbot and Cubot from Sonic Colors). So even though Scratch and Grounder aren't from the main series, similar minions would have been used instead.
  • Only Eggman's ROBOTS that he created were allowed to fight, not his allies. This means some bosses like Chaos were not used.
  • Wily's Sheepman wasn't the only stupid-looking character that fans criticized (like Plantman or Springman). Like Sheepman, they are still dangerous despite their stupid nature.
  • In the games, E-101 Beta can automatically deflect or dodge projectiles and is only vulnerable after attacking. Magnetman's magnetshield does not disable robots, it only attracts them.
    • However, Beta's weakness was that he couldn't defend behind him as well, so Magnet Man destroying him made sense in that light.
  • Wily's army has been defeated by Megaman many times, mainly because of Megaman's copying abilities. Metal Sonic's copying abilities are more advanced than Megaman or Bass and even without the copying ability, Metal Sonic is still powerful offensively, defensively and is FASTER THAN SONIC.
    • Although Bass had copying abilities, he can only use it by taking the weapons of his enemies. Metal Sonic's superior speed would have allowed him to steal the weapons before Bass ever could (as seen with Napalmman and Silver Sonic's chaos emerald).
  • There are many reasons for the doctors' different armies.
    • Eggman uses more robots per level than Wily, but not all of the robots are as well equipped (like how not all of the Egg Pawns have guns).
    • The armies are to face their specific enemies. Eggman's army has more close combat robots because of Sonic's close combat fighting style. Wily's robots need to protect themselves from Megaman's blasters while still being able to fight back, which is why Wily has many defensive and long ranged units.
    • In some games like Sonic Adventure, some of Eggman's robots are used as PLATFORMS for Sonic's homing attacks. These 'platforms' don't attack.
    • Eggman's robots are infamous for being stupid, and their in-game AI is slow and ineffective.
    • Eggman is the boss at the end of most Sonic levels, while the Robot Masters are the bosses of Megaman's levels. This means Wily has more varieties of boss level robots, giving him better and more choices for a fight.
    • Many of Eggman's strongest Badniks are clones of other sonic characters (Silver Sonic, Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Egg Robo, Death Egg Robot). This means Eggman has less creativity and variety for his strongest warriors, and since they were designed to fight fast Sonic characters, they aren't designed to face a variety of skills.

    Zelda vs Peach 
  • Why did they treat Zelda like she's the same person in every game yet consider Link's in any incarnations throughout the series? The answer? Each Zelda he same powers in each game, except when she was Tetra or Sheik, so they stated that anything Zelda could do in those forms, she could do normally, so they combined them. Link was different throughout his games, at least in terms of abilities and powers, so they had more to combine.
  • Despite claiming that Zelda would still have Sheik's abilities, this didn't appear to impact the fight, as Zelda wasn't using ninja-like speed or martial arts. Also, Melee and Brawl (where Zelda's powers in this fight were taken from) show clearly that transforming into Shiek drastically changes Zelda's fighting style and abilities.
    • As they said in the video, Sheik is nothing more than a disguise. She only vanishes and plays music in canon.
  • Why did they give Peach every ability she's had and handed Zelda exclusively Super Smash Bros attacks? If Peach gets non-canon abilities like Mega Empress Peach and they're going to refer to the Zelda in the cartoons, why was she not given anything from say... Wand Of Gamelon? As was stated in the post-battle, Peach has few lethal moves; she throws turnips, hits people with her parasol, but she needed a Finishing Move to make this a Death Battle. Secondly, Wiz wanted an excuse to geek out with force equations and this was his only opportunity to do this.
    • They probably didn't want to use non-Nintendo sources. The CD-i games weren't made by Nintendo.
  • Why does Peach get a move she only had in the sports games when Mario and Yoshi didn't? Were they trying to go against expectations by digging around and giving her extra stuff that they didn't give Mario and Yoshi. It comes down to availability and impressiveness. Peach... doesn't do all that much. She's given a lot less to work with, her most impressive stuff is from the sports games and there isn't enough main canon of her to prove her actions are out-of-continuity. Mario and Yoshi have enough canon appearances to make inclusion of the sports games unnecessary, have more impressive non-sports stuff, and have enough canon appearances to force the discarding of some sports games' abilities as not-canon due to lack of other appearance (much like they did Mario's Paper Mario limit-break stuff and innate Firehand). Finally for Peach Its MARIO-VERSE. There is no consistency of abilities, statistics, or armament, only Rule of Fun. Any attempt at nailing down anything resembling a definitive ability set is going to involve unreasonable amounts of finagling.
    • As for Zelda; she doesn't do much outside of Brawl or Melee. In Ocarina of Time we don't see her fight as ninja; the only fighting is the paralyzing beam she used on Ganon. In Wind Waker, we don't see her fight as a pirate; only with the light bow which does make an appearance in the fight. If they used non-canon sources for one character, they must for another. The difference is, the non-canon sources for Peach are significantly more canon than the non-canon sources for Zelda. The ones used for Peach were official Nintendo games and part of major a Mario series, with all the quality of production thereof, whereas the non-canon sources for Zelda are products of American cartoon writers and the Philips CD-i, with little official input and less formal approval. Both are non-canon, but one is canon minus 1, whereas the other is canon minus twelve. Comparing them is comparing apples and oranges- both are non-canon/fruit, but they are very different kinds of non-canon/fruit.
    • Frankly, the Mario series doesn't have a defined canon while the Zelda series does, so it's pointless arguing what is and isn't canon in the Mario universe. As for the soccer kicks for Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, they wouldn't have worked on their opponents.
  • Why didn't Wiz or Boomstick bring up all the kickass stuff Peach does in the Nintendo Power comics. In that comic she actually saves Mario and un-kidnaps herself. Why wasn't this mentioned? It could've given her victory a lot more credibility.

    Thor vs Raiden 
  • Why does Thor block Raiden's electric attacks with Mjlonir if electricity can't hurt him?
    • Likely because Thor is arrogant and wanted to show Raiden that he couldn't even touch him unless he allowed it.
    • Although immune to the damage, the electricity could make him flinch. Also both combatants are unaware of each other's powers, so Thor might not have known what kind of attacks Raiden was using.

    Link vs Cloud 
  • Why didn't Wiz and Boomstick have Cloud use his Fusion Swords? The same could be said for Link's Fierce Deity form or Biggoron Sword. These are not the weapons they use in Smash Bros/Dissidia, nor are they the weapons they're most commonly attributed to. The same thing happened with Mario vs Sonic, too. Once you started getting into the more obscure power-ups, it all sort of evened out with the power-levels going into absurd levels, to the point the fight stops being about skill and starts becoming more about the obscure over-powered techniques... That would rarely change a straight up fight in the end anyway. Bottom line, they went with the gear Cloud and Link are both most comfortable with. Cloud with the Buster Sword, Link with the Master Sword. Going into excruciating detail with swords they weren't going to use... Seems a bit overkill even for this show. The experts look at the entire canon as a whole and use abilities that are consistent throughout the canon.
    • Cloud's equipment in general was a bit of a headscratcher. How does "Cloud limits his materia" translate to "he only uses 2 low level types"? Why did they use Dissidia as a metric, but not give him any of his EX Mode benefits?
  • Link has fought against Ganondorf and Demise, who both are powerful in both strength and magical abilities. Link can block their attacks and survive a few slashes even when they wield their own legendary swords (and this is WITHOUT the Golden Gauntlets). Link's experience against superhuman swordsmen helped him defeat Cloud. If Cloud was allowed to use more abilities or weapons, so would Link. Even though Cloud is superhuman, Link's magical weapons would have countered it.
  • Neither of them have shown the amount of speed or reaction time on Clouds level. Sure, Link has Z-targeting, but it's still not fast enough for a bullet timer, and it's mostly a gameplay gimmick. On the other hand, Cloud's games are turn-based Role Playing Games, meaning that just one attack from him takes an entire 'turn' to activate or rest from. This means that although Cloud appears fast, it's only because of the combos in his attack, but as the RPGs show- Cloud is vulnerable after attacking. Even the other superhuman combatants cannot spam their attacks because they don't have the stamina for it.
    • Just some corrections: Cloud isn't a bullet timer, and Z-Targeting doesn't grant fast reflexes.
  • How was Cloud stunned by Link's boomerang when he had a ribbon, which protects from all status ailmentsnote ? Indeed it nullified the freeze effect of the ice arrow.
    • It just threw him off balance since he didn't expect it. "Stuns" likely meant more paralysis than being taken by surprise. The boomerang is strong enough to kill giant skull spiders bigger than him. If you got hit in the back by something that strong, you'd be unconscious at best. Cloud's superhuman strength kept him up, but he was still disoriented enough to give Link time to retrieve his sword. Plus, Link has fast reflexes and the Clawshot is rather quick, so the sequence we saw might have been slower than how it would've really happened.
    • The Ribbon only protects against certain status ailments. Burns aren't on the list.
  • It's said that one reason Link won was that the Master Sword's anti-evil powers were effective against Cloud's Jenova cells. Now, I haven't played FFVII for a long time, but wasn't it a big twist in that game that Cloud was never actually a member of SOLDIER, and thus shouldn't have any Jenova cells?
    • He was not a member of SOLDIER, but he did have Jenova cells, because Hojo used the survivors of the Nibelheim massacre to try to "clone" Sephiroth. It is, however, a questionable interpretation that the Master Sword would be effective against Jenova cells. Revive doesn't kill Cloud, does it?
  • Why exactly is Cloud "not the brightest fighter"?
    • I think it's because Link and his years of puzzle-solving skills and ability to exploit weaknesses simply beats Cloud's strategy of overpowering his foes.

    Batman vs Spider-Man 
  • Batman fans believe that if Batman had prepared himself then he would have used better choices for gadgets against Spider-Man. However Spider-Man has faced this problem before- gadget villains Mysterio and The Chameleon tried to use weapons designed to defeat Spider-Man, yet Spider-Man won thanks to his spider-sense protecting him from the gadgets.
    • Also Spider-Man has been able to use a variety of gadgets facing his enemy's weakness (something that Batman does against supervillains and the Justice League). For instance, Spider-Man created an acid to burn through Rhino's armor or a rubber suit against Electro's electricity. This justifies the claim that if Spidey had prep time he could still win. Also it is unknown exactly how both fighters would prepare for each other and using weapons that canonically they never use would had made this fight confusing to fans.
    • Outside of the Avengers and Justice League universes, Spider-Man faces more powerful and superhuman villains (Doc Oct, Green Goblin, Rhino, Venom). Most of Batman's villains are ordinary street thugs with mental disorders (Penguin, Joker, Two-Face, Black Mask), and Batman has experience using the weaknesses of his enemies with superpowers (when fighting Bane, Batman always cuts the Venom tubes).
    • Spider-Man fights against Electro and Shocker, who use lethal amounts of electricity. Batman's taser is too weak to be lethal to a NORMAL human, so Spidey could easily shrug it off.
      • It should be noted that Shocker, despite the name, does not use electricity. He uses highly compressed air blasts, aka "shockwaves".
    • Like in the comics, Spider-Man is quick to adapt to a new enemy's fighting style. Batman began reusing weapons which Spider-Man could counter, like redirecting the explosive batarang at the end of the fight.
    • And as the experts mentioned, Spider-Man survived lethal explosives at point blank. Batman has mostly non-lethal explosives but for his lethal explosives, Spider-Man could survive them and still fight.
    • Batman's armor is lightweight, even his heaviest common armor has to be light and weak to allow him to be agile. The armor used is the Dark Knight style armor, which is much heavier than his armor in the 1990s tv series but still light enough to make him avoid gunmen. Actually, early Batman comics had him wear little to no armor at all. Even with heavy armor, Batman can be injured and potentially killed by superhumans (Killer Croc and Bane, both having strength similar to Spider-Man, could inflict lethal injuries to a fully armored Batman).
      • Spider-Man has defeated armored enemies before, like The Rhino or some depictions of The Green Goblin, Scorpion and Shocker. Spider-Man's strength allows him to hurt armored enemies.
      • Spiderman is much stronger than Killer Croc or Bane. Those two are about as strong as the Kingpin, maybe a little stronger, and if Spiderman is not holding back he can and has pulverized the Kingpin. Spiderman is strong enough to hold up support a collapsing multi-story building, throw trucks and tanks, and once knocked out a Tyrannosaurus Rex with one punch. Spidey would murder both of them as surely as he murdered Batman.
    • Batman's martial art is more skilled than Spider-Man, who has no formal training. However Spider-Man's agility, strength and spidey-sense has allowed him to fight similar martial artists evenly (ex. Kraven the Hunter, Captain America and Wolverine).
      • Still many fans cannot accept the outcome due to Batman's status as a Memetic Badass. But when you consider the fact that Spider-Man has defeated the badasses Punisher and Wolverine, then defeating Batman is very possible.
      • Spiderman actually has trained in martial arts, but not to the extent Batman has. He was formally trained by Shang-Chi who invented a martial art explicitly for him ("the Way of the Spider"), and he's probably had tips from the likes of Cap, Wolverine and others over the years. Most importantly, he has lots of fighting experience and fights guys tougher than himself much more often than Batman does.
    • Spider-Man is also an expert at using the environment around him as a weapon, throwing heavy objects like parts of buildings or boulders with his web. If this was used in the fight it would be devastating against the lightly armored Batman.
    • Despite having Spidey Sense, Batman could still hit Spider-Man with A FEW of his attacks. The Spidey-Sense doesn't always activate and sometimes it doesn't react fast enough to save Spidey. However as Spider-Man became more cautious later in the fight, he was able to dodge more effectively. It is Spider-Man's cocky personality that made him vulnerable at the beginning on the roof.
      • This can be easily explained. The spider sense was activating, but wasn't specific enough. It tells him what danger is and where it's coming from, doesn't always inform him what the danger IS. One comic it activated by a guy walking by him with a gun in his coat. He knew the guy somehow was dangerous, but not why. Batman's exploding Batarang may of still of triggered the sense, but Spider-Man assumed it's just a sharp object, not because it is a explosive.
  • Batman's feat of defeating the Justice League had little impact on this fight's outcome because Batman did not use his default gadgets to take out the Justice League. Batman researched his friends for several months and developed gadgets specifically designed for them. Since Batman was not allowed to research Spider-Man and had to use his basic weapons, Batman was vulnerable. As seen in the Justice League franchise, some villains like Parasite or Darkseid are so powerful that Batman alone has never been able to defeat him with his normal weapons, so a superhuman like Spider-Man would be similarly difficult.
    • Also if Batman is allowed to prep for Spiderman then Spidey is allowed to prep for Bat's. Depending on the incarnation and time period, that could mean Spidey is limited to what he could cook up in school or at his house, or he has access to the advanced tech in Stark Tower (where he one lived) or Horizon Labs (where he worked). He's also used to fighting opponents who are brilliant scientists with ridiculous technology and resources, and is such a genius in his own right. Not saying Batman would lose a prep war, but it could be a very complex battle.
  • While Batman has a versatile arsenal of tools in the Utility Belt, Spider-Man is able to be very creative with his webs. Spider-Man can produce sticky traps, parachutes, can throw large rocks and cars with his web and can create a bulletproof shield made only of web. He can also mix chemicals into his webbing like rubber to be electric resistant or acid to burn through armor, though he only does this when prepared to fight some enemies (i.e. Electro's electric attacks and Rhino's armor).
    • There is a common misconception that Spider-Man's web is fragile. The truth is multiple shots of web can tie down most opponents, even Hulk and Rhino. A single shot of web can be broken, but only by someone with superhuman strength or a sharp blade. But normal humans, even ones as strong as the obese Kingpin, cannot escape being entangled in one or two shots of web, so it is accurate that Batman would need more time to escape the webbing at the end (which is made of about a dozen web shots).
  • Could someone tell me in what issue Spider-Man was denied entry into the Justice League? I'm pretty sure that the cover we saw was just fanart.

    Blanka vs Pikachu 
  • According to the Death Battle, here are the predicted stats of Ash's Pikachu based on evidence from the canons and the EV training from early seasons.
    • HP 182 (Below Average for most Pokemon)
    • Attack 144 (Average)
    • Defense 108 (Below Average)
    • Special At. 123 (Average though high for a normal Pikachu)
    • Special Def. 80 (Below Average)
    • Speed 291 (Above Average, mostly from fighting Sparrows in the first episode)
  • Although Blanka was trained by Dan Hibiki, much of his fighting style is based on his survivalist lifestyle. Poor training had little effect on Blanka's skill in this sense, beside Dan might be a joke character but he still is a martial artist and even poor training can be helpful.
    • Since Pikachu is so light and small, he had to use his speed and electricity as his weapons. As Blanka is already agile and resistant to electric eel electricity, Pikachu could not defeat Blanka's power.
  • Why was Blanka treated as a Pokemon? He is very much a human who gained the power to give off electric charges. He really shouldn't have been given any resistance to electricity or especially not steel type moves. Along the same lines, why was voltage not mentioned? Pikachu gives off electric charges in the millions of volts and electric eels give one off more akin to 500. This wasn't even mentioned at all though.
    • Blanka is resistant to electricity, otherwise the electric eels that he EATS would have killed him. They didn't call Blanka a pokemon, but he is without a doubt an electric user, and as shown with Raiden and Thor, many characters who use electricity are resistant to voltage.
  • Why did Pikachu's Static ability never kick in? It works despite normal type matchups, including against other Electrics and the normally No Sell Ground type.
    • In the anime (which is where Ash's Pikachu is from) the Static ability happens by chance. It doesn't always work.
      • True, Static does indeed happen by chance, but that's a flimsy justification considering Death Battles tendency to factor-in things that only happen by chance as well (having all power-ups at the ready/appearing at the right time, being in a certain environment, learning of weaknesses during the fight, potential adaption to attacks, Peach pulling out certain items against Zelda, ANY time an ultimate move is brought into play, etc.)
      • Hilarious in Hindsight: As of Pokémon X and Y, Electric-types are immune to paralysis.
  • I'm not 100% certain, but doesn't pikachus' iron tail have the ability to completely shatter solid rock? If so, why didn't it turn Blankas head into Chili the moment it made contact? I know the fight simulations aren't always totally accurate and usually Just for Fun but still.
    • Also, even if it doesn't liquify Blankas' head, why didn't it leave any lasting injuries on Blanka besides a momentary stun? A blow that big could probably cause some debilitating concussions if not worse.
      • I would think Blanka, who spent his life WRESTLING GATORS, can take a lot of damage.
  • One thing I found odd was that this was Ash's Pikachu ... a Pikachu that's known for "losing" Pokemon battles against bigger and fiercer Pokemon. Sure it's a valuable member of Ash's team, but this Pikachu wouldn't have stood a chance against Blanka to begin with.
    • How about if the "Pikachu" in question was actually Red's Pikachu ... I still think Blanka would've won but the Pikachu would've stood more of a chance.
  • Why did they not take into account information on the electricity itself? The Emerald Pokedex states that Pikachu electricity is equal to real lightning, and Blanka could at most withstand the electricity of the eels. I see no way that sort of resistance could hold up to Blanka being shocked twice even.
    • I also noticed that, it doesn't help that the next episode that features Pokemon, the Kanto Starter Battle Royale, DOES consider the pokedex entries as a part of their research. You may say the Pokedex entries are absurd, possibly written by 10-year-olds, and barely logical thanks to Gameplay and Story Segregation as opposed to what we've witnessed in the games; but Death Battle usually covers everything. We don't know if the power of a lightning strike could severely harm/kill Blanka, but considering the sheer speed, power, and temperature of a lightning bolt, and the fact that Electric Eels can die of electrocution, it's a possibility.
      • Ok, a little more insight here. A bolt of lightning can have as much as A billion volts, 300000 amperes of current, and a temperature of roughly 53.5 thousand degrees Fahrenheit. An Electric Eel? 650 volts, 1 ampere of current, and a vastly lower temperature. It's very likely Blanka's electricity is a little bit more powerful than that pathetic number, but there's no way it can equal a bolt of lightning, let alone withstand it.

    Superman vs Goku 
  • What the hell was Vegeta up to when the fight started to get really intense? Was he just sitting there at the house (featured at the beginning of the video) watching TV with his thumb up his ass and saying, "My friend and fellow protector of the Earth is just absorbing a gigantic Spirit Bomb to fight the alien that he's worried will destroy the world. It's no big deal, and absolutely nothing I'm concerned with."
    • It was mentioned in the Vegeta vs Shadow fight that Vegeta can only reach super saiyan level 2. Perhaps Vegeta figured that if it got bad enough for Goku's to absorb the frickin' energy of the sun, there was really nothing his (comparatively) weak super saiyan 2 self could do to help.
    • Or maybe World's Dumbest was on and he really wanted to see the #1 video.
      • For something that he put off helping his friend in a fight to the death to watch, it better have been worth it.
  • It should be noted that pre-crisis Superman can escape black holes, go back in time by spinning the world backwards, be immune to any punch thrown by The Incredible Hulk and, as mentioned, DESTROY SOLAR SYSTEMS BY SNEEZING. Obviously this made Superman's limitations and abilities too random and illogical to measure, so they used the more definitive post-crisis Superman to keep the results and researching accurate, not because they feared Goku would lose but because the reasoning behind the battle would be impossible to explain. Furthermore, Crisis on Infinite Earths changes the DC Universe entirely in terms of canon. If pre-Crisis Superman is considered canon along with the evens from Crisis, then the universe of pre-Crisis Superman was changed, and so the logic that applies to Superman is the same logic used in modern post-Crisis depictions, NOT pre-Crisis.
    • Other moments of asspulling include Superman rebuilding the Great Wall of China with some type of heat vision variation, reviving a dead girl with "Super-Heart Massage", amnesia kissing and other superpowered kisses, MIND CONTROL, talking on the police radio frequency, ice breath that can rapidly age its target, can stop his heartbeat, the ability to eat endlessly without getting full (almost like Goku), and shapeshifting by pulling his body with his hands. []
  • Why did Goku get preparation time and supplies and Superman didn't? He has a literal fortress full of things that could have helped him in a fight against Goku, according to the rules of Death Battle why did Goku get extra prep time and information?
    • I'm not sure what you mean by prep time (Goku flew off almost as soon as he heard about Supes), but "supplies" are only out if it's not iconic to the character. For example, Batman may have wielded a gun once or twice in his many incarnations spanning decades of entertainment and across several media, but it's not part of who he is as a character. The Batarangs, for example, are a very iconic weapon of his and thus were allowed in his fight against Spiderman. Weapons are an integral part of who Link and Cloud are, and thus they fought with their strongest weapons and most useful equipment when they faced off. The senzu beans and the Power Pole and may or may not be iconic (I'm not aware of DBZ fandom), but hey, what else could Wiz and Boomstick do to make the indisputable magnum opus of their web series not turn into a 9+ minute Pummel Duel? Give Goku some gear to spice up the action, of course. I suspect they also gave him extra supplies to soften the (in hindsight) enormous edge Superman had.
      • That wasn't an edge. Suerman wielded a wholly different kind of sword altogether.
  • Why are they using Dragonball GT? Even the die-hard versus fans don't like to use it but they said they'd use anything that doesn't contradict the original manga. For Goku, see the previous paragraph. Death Battle always use the latest depictions of the characters at their oldest age as an active, fit warrior, so it applies here with Goku.
    • Because GT offers some additional abilities that could help Goku. SSJ4 only appears in GT.
  • Despite many inconsistencies with the powers of Superman and Goku, many parts of the fight do have truth in canon.
    • DBZ characters allowing their foes to fight at full power is a common trope in the series, which normally ends up bad for the overconfident or honorable characters.
    • Freeza's destruction of Namek, Gero's bombs and Kid Buu's destruction of Earth almost killed Goku while Cell self destructing (with enough force to destroy the world) did kill Goku before, meaning Goku has never been able to survive a planet destroying explosion. Superman however, can survive supernova explosions, which can destroy multiple planets with a much larger blastforce and blastradius than a single planet explosion. Also even if he survived the explosion, Goku would have suffocated in space. This issue is mentioned near the end of the Freeza Saga when Freeza claims that Saiyans cannot survive prolonged in outer space.
    • As mentioned by the experts, Superman's character is based on the idea of having no limits while Goku's character is based on getting stronger while still showing limits.
    • Goku has defeated Cooler and Baby by sending them into the sun, so it is realistic that Goku would try to kill Superman the same way. As Death Battle rules point out, combatants cannot learn of each other's limits or powers before a fight, so Goku didn't know that Superman could be energized by the sun. Also Goku isn't very smart, so probably wouldn't have realized it anyways. Even if Goku didn't do this, Superman was flying towards the sun anyways so the result could still be the same.
    • Superman was 'killed' by Doomsday mainly because the battle took place at night, when Superman is weakest. However Superman can easily fly to the other side of the planet, when it is daytime.
    • Superman, even at normal levels, is significantly more powerful than normal Goku or Super Saiyan 1 Goku, meaning Goku suffered alot of damage early on in the fight compared to Superman.
    • A major reason to why Superman could keep up with Goku's transformations is that Superman intentionally limits his strength, even against his greatest foes, due to his pacifist nature and for fear that he will cause serious destruction if unrestrained. As the battle continued, Superman adapted to Goku's power levels. This is why Superman said "I haven't even begun to play".
    • The reason why Superman flew away after saying this was because the sun was setting, so he was flying to the DBZ arena when it was about noon or when the sun is highest during the day. It also got them away from the city. Superman was ensuring that his battle with Goku wouldn't harm anyone else (even if it didn't mean anything in the long run).
    • Goku's powerpole was barely used in DBZ or GT, meaning Goku didn't have much training with it and couldn't rely on it for the fight.
    • Instant Transmition requires concentration, meaning Goku would need to touch Superman during the fight and teleport him without Superman's speed attacking him first.
    • According to the Death Battle, here are the predicted stats of Goku at SSJ4 and Superman based on evidence from the canons.
      • Superman can lift 200 quintillion tons, compared to an estimated 160,000 tons from Goku. This is a difference of 1.25*10^15 or 1.25 quadrillion times the strength of Goku. This difference in strength can be visible in their fighting styles. Superman is more willing to throw or slam heavy buildings, mountains or planes onto his opponents while Goku has rarely done so.
      • Superman can fly 9.4billion km/hr or 5.9billion miles/hr (while fighting Wonder Woman) but may be able to fly with an estimated 17billion km/hr according to Batman (if this is true, Superman can fly 6.48 times lightspeed). Goku is calculated to fly at 2,574,000,000 km/hr or 1,600,000,000 mph or 2.3 times lightspeed. This makes Superman AT LEAST 3 times faster than SSJ4 Goku (as Superman's fastest recorded speed was while he was distracted in a fight).
      • Superman was recorded surviving 10 Octillion Megatons of blasting force, while Goku was calculated to survive 35 Sextillion megatons (his Ki Output is similar to his durability). This makes Superman survive 285714 times the blasting force that Goku can.
      • Many of the stats listed here for Superman are official while Goku's was calculated by the Death Battle hosts. Even if Goku's figures are off, even by 1000 times the actual amount, Superman would still dominate Goku in Defense and Obliterate him in physical strength. As shown in DBZ canon, characters increase in both ki and defenses at similar rates and a DBZ character can only be injured if their opponent is at a similar or stronger power level.
    • Saiyans are not as naturally superhuman as Kryptonians. Other than Super Saiyan (which was one so rare as to be a myth) and Great Ape (which requires training to avoid a feral mind), and the ability to get stronger after near-death experiences Saiyans lack many superpowers unless they train. Goku as a baby had the strength of an ordinary human baby. He needed a lifetime of supernatural training to make him powerful. Being a Saiyan didn't contribute to his powerlevel until he achieved Super Saiyan for the first time. This is why humans like Tien and Krillin were able to almost keep up with Goku's power until later in the DBZ series. Kryptonians on the other hand can lift cars effortlessly while a toddler. Goku needed training from Master Roshi before he could demonstrate similar strength, and Goku was much older than a toddler at that time. At younger ages, Superman could lift large buildings.
  • Why did they use Goku lifting 40 tons as a basis for his strength? Goku's base strength was shown here []. They clearly mention 40 tons as Goku's base limit. Even if theoretically Goku had became a million times stronger by the end of the GT series, he would not be a match for Superman's strength. Also, 40 tons is a reasonable amount of striking force needed to send someone into a mountain, especially if you combine the Ki of the characters with the flying speed of the attacker. He would still end up being far weaker than Superman. Goku (in Super Saiyan 4 form) struggles to lift up part of a city in this clip; that's child's play for Supes. He's has been shown to easily punch people into orbit, claiming that they are sent flying at mach 7. Goku's punches have never demonstrated that much force.
    • Lifting capacity =/= striking power. Striking power/force is Mass x Velocity, and in Goku's case, amplified by his ki. Superman's Infinite Mass Punch is based around the fact that he vibrates fast enough to reach the relativistic mass needed to punch like [[Understatement a nuke]].
  • It is common knowledge that the energy in Goku's spirit bomb comes from all living thing and not his own ki pool, so in theory there really is no limit to how powerful a spirit bomb could get. If given enough time and energy it is possible for Goku to make a spirit bomb powerful enough to kill even superman. Even though the spirit bomb is effective against evil beings, that doesn't mean it wouldn't do any damage to a good being. The core issue is the long charging time, particularly when fighting somebody as fast as Superman. In canon, the only times Goku has used the Spirit Bomb have been when he's had allies to cover for him and keep the opponent busy, which is out of the question in a 1-on-1; if he used it, he'd be pummeled before he could get a full charge, and he knows it. There is also the issue that the Spirit Bomb can be deflected by beings with pure spirits Superman, having proven himself with feats like lifting Mjonir in a Marvel/DC crossover and generally being an All-Loving Hero, would be able to deflect the Spirit Bomb.
    • As for the Destructo Disk, the problem is twofold. One its extremely easy to dodge (even in the hands of an experienced user like Krillin using it in its intended situation of a surprise attack), and two, Goku isn't terribly familiar with it, having only used it once or twice. Goku isn't terribly experienced using it, he doesn't like surprise attacks and lacks a distraction, and Superman is fast enough to dodge it without appearing to move at all. There's a reason why, in DBZ, everybody prefers continuous beams to small projectiles, and that's likelihood of hitting. In the unlikely chance that it did hit, even the strongest non-magical or non-kryptonite blades could only at best lacerate his skin- this includes energy infused blades. I see no evidence that Superman can be killed by slicing attacks under normal conditions and the Destructo Disk has 'shattered' before- especially since Goku hasn't mastered or perfected this attack. It would be like if Batman defeated Spider-Man with knockout gas- yes its possible but a cheap way to win a fight.
    • It should be mentioned that Superman can't lift Mjolnir on his own. He fails to do so after the crisis and Thor tells him that the restriction had been lifted during the battle.
  • The speed calculation for Goku doesn't sound accurate with all the near death power ups and training he did later. This is where math comes in. Boomstick mentioned here-> [] <- that they did account for Goku's later training methods in his heavier gravity environments and used it in the calculation. They used the Snake Way calculations to determine how fast he was after becoming accustomed to 10x gravity. They then used that figure to find out his speed had he spent that time in standard Earth gravity (1x) instead, and then multiplied that figure by the highest equivalent weight measurement he's seen training under (40 tons, or 586x gravity, being his upper limit in base form). After that, Goku's training seemed to be focussed less on increasing his base power and more on achieving and perfecting his various techniques and transformations, such as the ability to go SSJ2 effectively effortlessly, meaning that his maximum stats would be covered by the Super Saiyan multipliers.
    • It should be noted that "they would have to be really far off for it to matter" is a logical fallacy. They could very well be off by trillions of times. They could also be off in the opposite direction; they do not seem to have accounted for the fact that it takes infinite energy to reach the speed of light. That the equations are unreliable means that NO reasonable conclusion either way can be drafted from them. Also, while ignoring this physical law, they invoked Newton's Laws to put a cap on Goku's Ki.
      • Their hands were tied. It says "Infinite Mass Punch" in the comic, so that's what it is. Also, Goku's attacks were shown to only move him backwards when he let them, without wrecking the land underneath him. That provides evidence for his maximum output at any given time, not his reserve of energy.
  • Power levels are even more irrelevant when you consider the fact that Superman's power levels were not measured by the DBZ's definition of what a power level is. Heck, even in the DBZ universe itself, Power Levels have been declared irrelevant and inaccurate by Word of God.
  • Instant Transmition being 'instant' instead of being light-speed is an important distinction considering Superman can easily fly faster than light-speed.
  • In the comic series [[Superman: Red Son]], Superman survives Braniac's self destructing spaceship, which detonated with the energy of 6 black holes. Since black holes are formed by supernova explosions and Lex Luthor hinted that the ship had similar explosive power to a supernova explosion, that means Superman survived about 60 Octillion Megatons of force and be 1,714,284 times more durable than Goku's predicted durability as SSJ4.
  • If Coldcast's claim is true, then Superman can easily survive 15 supernova explosions at point blank, which is 150 Octillion Megatons making Superman at least 4,285,710 times more durrable than Goku.
  • The makers of Superman The Animated Series confirmed in commentary that they gave Superman more limitations in the animated adaptation to make the show more entertaining by making it look like Superman could lose. This reflects Boomstick's notion that 'Superman is inconsistent because writers do whatever the hell they please.'

    He-Man vs Lion-O 
  • He-Man's use of Battle Cat is justified and countered by Lion-O's mind control powers. So what should have been an unfair advantage benefiting He-Man ended up hurting him.
    • Not even that! Battle Cat was launched into the sky before the fight even officially started and didn't land again until after it had ended.
  • It is possible that the Power of Grayskull could counter the Eye of Thundera long enough for He-Man to destroy the Eye considering BOTH magical forces use nearly unlimited power. This is how He-Man survived such a blast. Also consider the fact that He-Man have performed impossible feats in the past anyways.

    Robocop vs Terminator 
  • Where did Terminator's plasma rifle come from? The films explicitly state that non-organic (well, non-living) material can't be sent back in time.
    • Look's like it was stored inside the torso. Mind you, the plasma rifle shouldn't be collapsible like that, but sometimes details have to be excused to cover all the variables for the characters.
    • The hosts like using as many weapons as possible for a warrior so they don't appear to have overlooked anything. This is why SS 4 Goku is addressed despite many people considering it non-canon or Luke's short lightsaber despite it not being in the movies.
    • It was inside him, in his chest, as inorganic material covered in organic material can go through time travel, it's how the metal terminator was able to after all.
  • The fight is meant for entertainment and not what would actually happen, but why did Robocop have ordinance grenades in his right leg when the rundown specifically says they're in the left leg? Did the animator not know that and just not think to have Robo change out the weapon arm for the regular one first?
    • The fight had some obvious visual bugs, but I doubt this would be an issue for the outcome of a fight.
  • While the Terminator has a Coltan alloy, it is only derived from a half percentage of coltan and is only designed to give him resistance to heat. Remember that the T850 is a mass produced machine while Robocop was a well funded single project. The quality of the Terminator's metals would be inferior than Robocop's because the T850 are mass produced, meaning that the Skynet factories cut costs by limiting the quality of the metal. This also explains why Terminator is slightly heavier than Robocop yet has inferior armor. The thicknesses of the armor also were not addressed. Terminator's endoskeleton also has more gaps in its structural design, which explains why it would be vulnerable to point blank explosions like Kyle Reese's pipebomb.
  • It should be noted that Robocop's face is simply his old face over a metal skull, NOT his old skull or head. That means Terminator could not simply shoot Robocop in the face to kill him.
  • Any fully automatic weapon can jam pretty easily if the bullet rounds jam inside the barrel. The minigun is no exception. It is also possible that Robocop may have jammed the gun's rotatory mechanisms to prevent the barrels from spinning.
  • The answer is obviously Rule of Drama, but wouldn't it been a bit more practical if Robocop just threw Terminators soon-to-go-kaboom remains into the air for it to explode instead of spending several suspenseful seconds strapping the remain onto his jetpack? The guy can hurl a car with ease (which he did in the fight) so an estimated 200-250 pounds of Terminator remains shouldn't be difficult to send into high altitudes. Like I said, I'm well aware it's for drama purposes only but its just an observation.
    • Because what goes up comes down. It's possible if he threw him that he would just fall back on Robocop and kill him. With a jetpack you know he's not coming down.
    • Yes, that's one way of looking at it, but the jetpack was damaged from T-850s grenade launcher and when it was shown again, sparks were emanating from it, but luckily for Robo, it went as planned.
      • It's likely that most of the damage was to the jetpack's control systems. The engine still worked, he just couldn't steer the damn thing. He couldn't use it for it's intended purpose but it could still go in a straight line, which is just what he needed at that point.
  • It was mentioned in the breakdown that Robocop survived explosions before, among other things. Could he have survived Terminator's hydrogen cells exploding as well? Or would that have resulted in Double K-O otherwise?
    • It is a relatively small nuclear explosion, if Robocop threw Terminator and then seek cover or hotwire a car (which a robot mind probably could do easily) it is possible. At the same time there is nothing to confirm or deny this.

    Luigi vs. Tails 
  • Didn't Wiz and Boomstick say Tails couldn't fly forever? He stays in the air for extended periods of time during the battle yet shows no visible signs of tiring out. Any possible explanations for this contradiction?
    • Actually he did tire out a few times. When Luigi went invisible, Tails was fighting him without flying. They were falling until the last minute. Also Tails' stamina is somewhat inconsistent but still accurate to the Death Battle if you compare it to Tails' Adventure, Tails' Skypatrol, the animes, and some flying missions like the Drill Mobile boss battle in Sonic 3. In these depictions, Tails can fly for about 1 minute, and when he lands on the ground he regains all his stamina very quickly.
  • Why was the Negative Zone so horribly underplayed here? All it did was slow Tails down, it didn't result in any clumsiness, dizziness, or anything else... it gave Luigi a huge opening even before the whole "suddenly, bomb!" and it was wasted on Luigi somehow missing the currently-very-slow Tails with his hammer.
    • Luigi can't control the Negative Zone, just summon it up. He got unlucky and got an effect that wasn't really that bad.
      • However, that is not to attribute Tails' win to luck, as he had the intelligence to think of throwing a bomb at Luigi which destroyed the Negative Zone and sent both fighters flying away. Even if the Negative Zone was working perfectly and inflicting bad status effects on Tails left and right, I still think he could have thrown that bomb and thus still have won the battle. After all, I don't recall Wiz and Boomstick saying the Negative Zone made an opponent completely helpless.
      • As stated below, Tails didn't throw the bomb, he rigged Luigi's weapon to explode ahead of time(which is far more clever), and it happened to pay off.
      • The only time luck as been an issue is the bs Peach-Zelda ending. But the Negative Zone is so random that it isn't very reliable unless done point blank (and tails wasn't directly next to Luigi at the time). Also Luigi didn't immediately realize that Tails rigged a bomb onto his vacuum so Luigi didn't throw it soon enough for him to escape. I'm actually surprised that Luigi even realized it was a bomb that Tails planted.
    • The Negative Zone also slows Luigi down a bit, so the speed gap was only decreased, not eliminated. In addition, we do see Tails get affected by tripping at the start of the Negative Zone, but that became irrelevant since he immediately started taking to the air.
      • Actually, Luigi isn't slowed down attack-wise or speed-wise while inside the negative zone, it merely creates a lower gravity which makes him jump and fall slower then usual.
    • Because of Tails' speed he was able to get to the edge of the Negative Zone rather quickly, so whatever effects the Zone would do would be at its minimal.
      • However, if this was based on the game that the Negative Zone was released in, Super Speed isn't enough to break out of the zone. You can regularly catch Sonic, after all. At the same time, given the length of time the zone is active, Tails should consider himself damn lucky he didn't plummet to the floor when he tried to fly, amongst other irritating effects. He was in there for quite some time.
      • There is no questioning that Tails lucked into a fairly harmless Negative Zone, it happens from time to time.
    • It is also strange that Luigi had wasted time trying to suck Tails back up. Once your in that zone, if you don't leave quickly enough, consider yourself a goner, and he was in there for some time. Also, the effects of the Zone linger even if you escape, but new effects won't appear.
      • It is very possible for anyone to escape the Zone, especially someone as fast as Tails. Luigi just didn't want him to escape.
  • Talk about the Negative Zone being underplayed. Luigi had the ability to control lightning, which is a specific weakness of Tails. What power could have possibly been a better match for the two tailed menace? That's the equivalent of Superman having to fight a monster composed entirely of Kryptonite. He should have spammed lightning all over the place to send Tails cowering in fear thus allowing for an easy kill. And yes, I saw that he did use lightning, but he used it to try to directly harm Tails, which probably wouldn't be as effective than if it were used as a psychological weapon like I suggested.
    • Chalk it up to the fighters not knowing each others' abilities, skills, and weaknesses in canon. Though Luigi isn't the smartest combatant in the show's history, I think he wouldn't hesitate to use his lightning-related powers to their fullest if he knew Tails was afraid of lightning. It was like Goku not knowing Superman got his power from the sun; if he had known lack of sunlight was a bad thing for Supes, he might have succeeded in keeping him under the clouds which formed for some reason when he went into Super Saiyan 4 and could have won the fight.
      • First of all this is the Tails folder, not Goku. Second, if Goku knew Superman would be stronger he would have allowed it because DBZ heroes tend to fight honorable or just be stupid enough to allow their foe to power up- like Freeza going 100%.
      • That was merely an example using Goku, whoever posted that meant nothing more.
    • It's not a weakness, it's a very inconsistently portrayed fear. Tails himself has lightning based attacks in some games, and regularly flies through thunderstorms in an open-topped airplane. Sometimes he's afraid, other times he's completely unaffected.
  • Considering Luigi got to bring the Ghost-Sucker because it's considered a major part of his power set why (other than Tails was going to win and they wanted a fight not a slaughter) didn't Tails start the battle or at some point summon the Hurricane? It's not like with many Death Battles where they apparently forgot someone had a given tool and most of the modern games that feature Tails have him piloting his killer transforming mech.
    • The Mech from Sonic Adventure 2? First it's called The Cyclone. Second, the hosts agreed that the combatants were not allowed to use their mechs or vehicles because Tails would have an obvious advantage.
  • Regarding any concerns about Tails being able to fly in the Negative Zone, there is evidence in the pre-fight analysis to back up Tails. Jigglypuff can be seen in the Negative Zone's description clearly flying out of it. If Luigi didn't use his vacuum, Tails would have easily escaped it. Also Jigglypuff was not crippled by the Zone's effects while flying, meaning it is possible for Tails to have done so to (even if it's from good luck).
  • Is it possible they undermined Luigi's strength by deducing it as, "struggling to pick up a giant radish" from Super Mario Bros. 2... which was a dream/"dream world"? In the normal games both Mario and Luigi are capable of smashing through solid rock with their bare hands and hurl very large enemies (Bowser, King Bob-omb, a castle though that may just be for comedy)... you might say Gameplay and Story Segregation and we don't know if the rock-shattering punch calculations could bring him up to terms with Tails gadget-strength, but it's got to be more than that dream world giant radish thing.
    • Yeah, it's sometimes kind of weird how the show determines the winner. Between tv shows, movies, tie-in comics, crossovers, fan theories, and Word of God, there is often no "true" version of a character that everyone can agree on. Rarely do the hosts have a definite "This is who X is and what he/she/it can do." to work with, a situation complicated by the fact that that instead of just simply picking one version of a character to use, they will frequently cobble together bits and pieces of canon while ignoring others to create a kind of Composite Character whose exact specifications are unique to the show. Goku's abilities and equipment in the season 1 finale, for example, are taken from the original manga, the anime adaption, and the movies he is in.
      • Word of God explains this as them simply using Luigi at his weakest as a joke in comparison to Tail's strength. They did not base his strength on that in the actual fight, although they did neglect to clarify.
  • Why did Shadow and Sonic get their Chaos Emerald powered super modes but Tails didn't?
    • I can offer a few reasons. A) They mentioned that since Mario and Sonic's power ups cancelled each other out, they would only use sidekick-exclusive power ups in this fight. If we stretch the definition of a power ip to include super modes, then Super Tails is excluded as Emerald powered super modes are jot exclusive to him. B) Luigi was already severely outclassed in strength, speed, and equipment. Giving Tails a Super Mode would have been overkill. C) They wanted to nerd Tails a little to make the fight interesting.
    • The same reason Luigi didn't get to use the Starman or become Giga Luigi.

    Starter Pokemon Royale 
  • Consider that Sweet Scent would remove Charizard's speed advantage and while Venasaur and Blastoise have similar speed, Blastoise has superior defenses. Venasaur's Solar Beam is also too slow to counter the strongest moves of the other two; Hydro Pump and Flare Blitz. So like the battle suggests, both Venasaur and Charizard are very vulnerable but Blastoise has superior defenses that allow him to endure the match. Also with the move Protect, Blastoise could easily block Solar Beam.
    • If Charizard used his Smokescreen to counter Sweetscent then Blastoise would still be able to launch an attack while the other two wasted their turn. If Venasaur didn't use Sweet Scent but Charizard used Smoke Screen, then Blastoise can block it with Protect. Again this is only one out of thousands of scenarios but Charizard loses its evasive advantage in most scenarios.
  • Since super-effective moves do more damage, it makes sense that the pokemon who can endure the longest had the best chance of survival. It is true that Venasaur has an advantage against Blastoise, but remember that Charizard is also fighting and, like the battle shows, Charzard can attack either one. So it is difficult for one of the pokemon to spam supereffective moves when, at the beginning of the fight, they have to deal with the other combatant as well.
    • Also the majority of Venasaur's offensive moves are physical, and Blastoise has a high defense along which increases along with Iron Defense.
  • What was that smoke-like stuff that came out of Venusaur to wake Blastoise up? Seriously, it doesn't look like Smokescreen since that's Charizard's move, and it doesn't look like any of it's powder moves since it's black and dark gray.
    • Venusaur is a plant. It was his dusty, charred remains blowing in the wind.
  • It should be noted that Blastoise didn't use Rest in the fight, he simply fell asleep from Sleep Powder.
  • While the win was understandable, I find the execution of Charizard odd, If they're going to talk about Pokedex entries, Why does Blastoise fill Charizard with water until he explodes, he's clearly using Hydro Pump, the move they explicitly noted can cut steel and has 90,000 psi. at point blank the shot should have just vaporized Zard's head.
    • I think rule of (tasteless) funny is to blame; the death was a little ridiculous/slapsticky, but I do see your point. They've contradicted their research before. Remember when Doomguy walked towards Master Chief even though the former can run 57 MPH?
    • There have been a few times in the anime where a Pokemon gets non-lethally inflated by water attacks; Misty's Staryu did it to Meowth in episode six. Perhaps the guys just saw that and ran with the idea?
  • Didn't the hosts violate their own rules when they rained candy on the wild Pokemon (the "no outside help" rule, in which the hosts were technically helping each fighter)? Why couldn't they just have 3 fully evolved and leveled up Pokemon meet in the first place? Fett and Samus didn't start out in their underwear and have weapons and armor rain down randomly, and Goku's Power Pole didn't bonk him on the head straight out of nowhere.
    • Uh, no? It was just a joke to get it started. They specifically said it was the final forms of the Pokemon. The fight didn't even start until they were fully evolved.
    • Because it was a way to get them from 1 to 100 without involving fighting, and thus effort values.
  • It was mentioned that Blastoise won because his defense enabled him to endure the fight better. Why didn't Venasaur not win then? He has the ability to heal, which is an ability that I've always been a sucker for. I like to call it "the poor man's invincibility", as a Healing Factor means you can take an any amount of damage as long as you spread it out over an appropriate number of intervals. This is not a fanboy rant; Master Chief's regenerating energy shields were given as a reason why he won (although I will concede that superior armor was also in play), and Tails' medi-bot was concluded to make up for his weaker durability compared to Luigi. While a healing factor alone doesn't guarantee victory, would you rather choose between "You'll just take a little bit of damage." or "You may get your arm blown off due to your poor defense, but if you hide behind a rock for a few seconds it will grow straight back." if enduring a fight was your goal? It's the ability to reduce damage taken versus the ability to make that damage completely irrelevant by getting back up to 100% HP.
    • The fight was too intense and quick for the Healing Factor to add up enough to ensure victory. Venasaur did not, as you say, have the time to "hide behind a rock" and heal all the damage done to him.
    • No amount of healing would help Venusaur against Charizard, and it doesn't have that many "Intervals" to heal itself as Synthesis has only 5pp, add to that that it's countered by Rain Dance, making it weaker, and Leech seed being easily removed via Rapid spin and Venusaur's healings aren't as decisive as they may seem.

    Fulgore vs Sektor 
  • No, seriously, why Sektor and not one of the other fighters like Cyrax or Smoke?
    • Likely due to Sektor having a "flashier", more high-tech arsenal; Rule of Cool to make it a more entertaining watch basically.
      • Or because, ya know, the battles are viewer suggestions and there was someone (possibly multiple someones) who wanted to see Sektor fight Fulgore.
      • It's also likely that it's because both are rivals to the blue-clad ninjas (Jago and Sub-Zero respectively) of their series that have lost to them over and over again

    Godzilla vs Gamera 
  • Even if Godzilla's smallest depiction (at 20,000 tons) was compared to Gamera's largest (10,000 tons) Godzilla would still be larger than him. It makes more sense this way considering Godzilla's obviously superior physical strength and the fact that Gamera needs to be lightweight if he can fly at mach 3.
    • The size and weight of a Kaiju has close to nothing to do with its attainable speed. If it ever became at all necessary Godzilla could reach that speed but to use established cannon the Godzilla Wiki rates King Ghidorah at Mach 3 as well.
  • While it is true that Gamera could regenerate when taking in the mana he probably concluded that using his chest beam would be more effective in finishing Godzilla off immediately. Gamera could tell how durable Godzilla was and probably feared that if the match was prolonged that it would be worse.
  • While it is true that Gamera could use his shell for defense, he rarely uses it even in his own films. Besides Godzilla can fire his atomic-breath at a high rate and the beam has been shown being powerful enough to harm armored opponents including Gigan and Mechagodzilla 3.
  • Why didn't Gamera attempt his normal technique and flee?
    • Because if it gets to the point where a character has to flee (as opposed to retreating as part of a feint, for example), then it could be said that they're just no cut out to be the winner. And besides, it would be a little cheap if characters with a big advantage in speed could just simply run away; Death Battle wants conclusions.
    • Plus, they pointed that Godzilla generally shoots down any retreating enemies, and likely the smae would have happened to Gamera. One could argue he'd be too fast, but the Godzilla clip did show him destroying King Ghidorah's wing as he fled, and since those two are both at Mach 3, the same speed, Gamera simply wouldn't have escaped.
  • Why didn't Gamara just leave Godzilla in space? Why bother trying to pile drive him back into Earth at all? Seems that would have been game since Godzilla would've needed some very precise timing to use his atomic breath to get back into Earth orbit. Said timing may have been too precise for the very stupid Godzilla whereas Gamara would've been smart enough to figure it out on his own.
    • The animation at the end is just for entertainment, but this question does beg an answer. Godzilla wouldn't need precise timing, he'd need incredible aim (aim in the opposite direction of earth and blast), which Godzilla has displayed incredible aim. Godzilla's intelligence is also sufficient to figure this out as he was able to discover his breath's locomotive capabilities in the first place, a much bigger leap in reasoning power than repeated application of that capability.

    Captain America vs Batman 
  • It is true that Batman can sneak around Superman but this doesn't change Spiderman's episode or outcome. Superman's senses are impressive but different than what Spiderman is; the ability to 'see' things directly behind him, reacting to danger and basically being a 6th sense. This is NOT the same as Superman's, which are human senses without limit, but still no 6th sense (except for that 'seeing souls' thing.)
    • The Shockgloves probably would be no different than the normal taser that Batman used in the fight anyways. Even if the argument could be made that the gloves are stronger, they are only lethal from prolonged exposure according to the Arkham games, and Spiderman gets electrocuted by Electro multiple times, who uses lethal electricity, yet Spiderman can survive the blasts.
  • There is no rule in Death Battle against stealing others' weapons. Batman has to fight gunfighters ALL THE TIME. He perfected the art of disarming, and he clearly has the versatility, stealth and intelligence that would allow it. Batman probably understood America's dependence on the shield, so he simply exploited his weakness, and Batman wins dozens of fights from exploiting weaknesses.
    • This would also explain why Batman had an easier time dealing with Captain America than he did with Spider-Man since Batman can understand the weakness Cap has but not understand the weaknesses Spider-Man has.

  • There have been many misconceptions over what actually effects the abilities and fighting skill to make a warrior win a Death Battle.
    • Yoshi, Thor and Spider-Man proved that even though one character is from a more kid-friendly franchise (compared to their enemies Riptor, Raiden and Batman) doesn't mean they are weaker in battle. This misconception is more confusing when some kid-friendly series avoid death or murder, sometimes censoring close-combat entirely (this makes the audience less aware of the characters' abilities, especially when Death Battle demands all combatants to show no mercy and attempt to murder each other).
    • Another misconception is that a more beloved or popular character is a superior combatant. For example, Mario maybe more popular than Spawn or Kratos, but it doesn't automatically mean he could win against them.
    • It is also believed that the destruction a character can create relates to their battlefield performance. Although it is true that Kratos could kill gigantic Titans, the mythical creatures he faces are still similar to Spawn's demons. Even though Cloud can cut through skyscrapers, it doesn't mean he can penetrate the indestructible Hylian Shield.
    • Many fans have noticed if two fighters have a significant difference in intelligence, the more intelligent tactician would win. However Zelda, Dr. Eggman, Dr Wily and Raiden were defeated; Raiden being overwhelmed by Thor's strength and the Doctors being obliterated by the god-like Metal Sonic. (Spider-Man vs Batman doesn't really count because both warriors have similar intelligence, Taokaka and Felicia are both pretty stupid and Leonardo is a superior tactician to Donatello despite Donatello's enormous IQ).
  • Some characters like Spider-Man and Batman have a limited supply of ammo for their weapons while some superhumans like Taokaka and Spawn have a limited supply of their magic and powers. However the fights don't last long enough for depletion of ammo to be a problem for these warriors (exceptions being Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Mario's invincibility powerups). Taokaka and Spawn can technically get more power during the fight, Taokaka can find new locations to absorb seithr while Spawn can absorb the evil energies of his enemies. Also some depictions of Spider-Man have him carry spare web magazines for his web shooters if they ever run out.
  • Does Wizard explain why he doesn't want to do a Death Battle with Uchiha Sasuke?
    • He just cannot stand the character enough to do adequate research.
  • It should be noted that it is difficult to compare characters normally if there is no basis to compare them with under these circumstances the hosts calculate how powerful a character would be based on elements and feats shown in canon.
    • It is difficult to confirm how lethal Doomguy's and Master Chief's weapons are since they use different technology and face foes with different armor or durability.
    • It is also difficult to measure the lethality of a Kamehameha against someone like Superman as some DBZ villains like Broly showed no visible damage from a point blank Kamehameha yet was defeated by a full power one in the same film. Since it is hard to tell Broly's defenses from Superman's as both appear indestructible- they had to resort to calculations.
  • What would they do with characters that always fight with a partner? Like in Soul Eater where meisters wield other characters as weapons for their default form of fighting.
    • The show has made certain exceptions, and since Soul Eater characters function more as weapons than as separate characters it could be possible. At the same time Pikachu wasn't allowed to have Ash command him. Maybe if the fight is 2 on 2 it would be allowed.
  • Foreshadowing: On a meta level, even without the data, the outcome of Goku Vs Superman was seemingly decided before the match starts if you look at the aesops some Death Battles have stealthily snuck in:
    • The popular character will not always win. Spawn Vs Kratos was a clear example. Goku is more popular amongst nerd culturenote .
      • That said, Superman is far more popular overall.
    • Underestimating Badassery: Has happened numerous amounts of times in other battles such as Yoshi Vs Riptor and Peach Vs Zelda where the loser was thought to have won before either research was conducted or the match was released. The Man of Steel sometimes gets the short stick because he's always holding back and Goku has never blown up planets in canon.
    • Characters who exert a pre-emptive attack before the FIGHT! animation and sound tend to lose. Goku unleashed a ki blast on Superman before that happened.
    • Characters who are "waiting" for the other character to enter the battlefield tend to win. Superman was already there and Goku then showed up.
    • The win/loss trivia fact gives this conclusion as well: Vegeta won his battle, Wonder Woman and Batman lost both of theirs. Interestingly enough Superman has actually TRAINED with both of them before
    • Link's victory over Cloud, and Leonardo's over Zitz, shows that just attacking to the end will not always yield victory. Goku's simple mindedness cost him the match
    • Strangely Mike Haggar having a political agenda and therefore less trained than Zangief is the only aesop that does not apply here since Goku has trained more often to better himself. However, much unlike Haggar, Superman doesn't have to train, he's strong enough without doing so.
      • And yet at the same time, another Aesop added later seemingly counters this one, Superman is always fighting, while Goku often leaves combat to train, and is as a result, less experienced fighting others, only taking on a Big Bad a series compared to Superman's constant brawls with various villains like Doomsday, Zod, Darkseid, Mongul, and others who are as strong as he is.
  • I know the show is called Death Battle but is killing the opponent actually the only way to win? In Gamera vs Godzilla Gamera attempts a meteor piledriver. While it is established that Gamera can survive in deep space and Godzilla has yet to confirm that the fact is even with his one time only flight BS that most fans make an effort to forget he did Godzilla's ability to fly is at best highly limited. Would Gamera have achieved victory if he'd simply left Godzilla stranded on the moon? Or similarly if any character had the means to end the fight but not to kill the opponent? Would burying your opponent in concrete qualify? There are a fair amount of fictional characters out there who are if not totally unkillable certainly very very close.
    • The spirit of Death Battle is to find out who would win in a fight, and even though the rules explicitly require a death, in the case of Nigh Invulnerable characters who have no reliable means of killing each other, it would definitely be logical to make an exception so that the win condition is to trap or disable instead of kill.

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