Headscratchers / Deal or No Deal

  • I have no idea about the USA version. Suitcases? What were they thinking?!
    • To us in the USA, I don't think most of us even knew they weren't briefcases in the original.
      • Actually, the Dutch version of the show (the original) does in fact use briefcases. The models opening the cases, on the other hand... I mean, just bringing them out is fine, but removing the only reason to watch the briefcase game as a stand-alone show was just stupid.
    • Briefcase Full of Money?
  • Did anyone ever, for whatever reason, take the first banker's offer in their game?
    • I've never seen that happen whenever I watched the show. My impression, however, is that they screen for people who are naturally reckless risk-takers. Most contestants I saw would confidently scream "No deal!" even in clearly advantageous circumstances. (One contestant wanted to be a professional poker player, and they brought in one such person to mentor her. All of the professional's advice was obviously going in one ear and out the other. The contestant didn't know there's strategy in poker, and she didn't care.) Hence, I think they try to find people who will drag on their rounds for as long as possible, for the sake of drama and to save money in the long run.