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Headscratchers: Daring Do

  • What exactly was up with the huge Adaptation Decay in the latest adaptation of Sapphire Stone? They made the titular Stone into some sort of weird magical star-fragment, not to mention the poorly tacked on Action Climax at the end with Daring and Ahuizotl dueling over a pit of snakes (Made of obvious magical illusions, of course. Everything in theater is these days.)? It's like the director thought the book wasn't exciting enough as it was.
    • That's Applewood for ya!

  • Why the hay is everypony so upset over the spelling of Mahavir's name?

  • Why did Detective Trot Munch pop in the begining of the "Gardens of Equestria" TV movie?
    • You know these broadcasters, they have to cross over everything.

  • Wait, what happens to Inti when Nightmare Moon is released and purified?
    • Presumably, he stays where he is until Princess Luna decides to release him.
    • The constellation of Dragon is still up there, so I guess she hasn't got around to it yet (I hope she takes these tall tales in good humor, like her sister does).
      • You do know Inti is a fictional character, right? He's not really tied to the sky, I was being hypothetical.
    • The book said that his immortality was bestowed upon him by Nightmare Moon. No Nightmare Moon, no immortality. Which means that he should have either been burned up by the stars, asphyxiated, or starved, to cover the short list of the ways that punishment would be fatal. He was probably just cast out of the heavens, though, since this series would never kill anybody that important offscreen.
      • Though not necessarily canon, The Star Quest Trilogy seems to answer the question: He retains the part that was given to him, and is no longer chained by Nightmare Moon's power.

  • Ahuizotl's fangirls. How can they obsess over a villain like that? and why? It doesn't make sense to me...

  • Emptying a fridge and climbing inside to survive an atomic rainboom? How in Celestia does that even begin to make sense...
    • Well, the atomic rainboom is already much less likely and scientifically absurd, but if we're going to assume it works on radiation (like it was implied beforehand), we can also assume that the fridge was lined with lead... but now that I think about it, that must have been some thick walls in that fridge!
      • Actually, it only takes a few millimeters to block the most lethal dosage of radiation (as anypony who has had an X-Ray taken will tell you), and pretty much all refridgerators up until a couple decades ago had lead as a component. If not in the structure, then certainly in the paint. And from the looks of it, that fridge was made before the EPA was passed.
      • It takes way more lead then you think, radiation reduction works on tenth thickness, it takes X amount of an item, in leads case 2 inches, to reduce incoming radiation to one-tenth its original strength. So even if it was lead lined by 2 inches it would only reduce the income radiation to 1/10 the original, which would still be a lethal dose. The X-ray blanket works because the actual amount given off is only ~ 1 Rem, one 1/10 thickness would reduce that to ~100 mRem, for comparison, the average pony absorbs ~ 200 mRem from sunlight every year and radiation doesn't even begin to have even temporary effects until 70-100 Rem.
      • Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the passage about how Inti's fireball hit them with the intensity of an atomic rainboom? Why are we doing radiation calculations when all we're talking about is dragon fire?

  • The Worf Effect regarding Ahuizotl's interactions with Rex. I get that Rex is a nightmare in a fight, and built like a freight train, but he's still just a Diamond Dog in the end. Isn't a bit odd that he was presented as way tougher than a Nigh Invulnerable ancient monster that managed to shatter the Guardian Golem that was down in the Ancient Sea Pony city one-handed?

  • Do we ever find out what really happened to Bravado in "Shrine of the Silver Monkey"?! The last thing we hear is that there's a rumor that he's stuck in a pit of poisonous beetles. It was just Played for Laughs, but I couldn't help but wonder...

  • Am I the only one who thought that a giant, bipedal statue with multiple swords was ludicrous, even for this series?
    • I couldn't agree more I mean really there is nothing even remotely like that in reality. I thought the author was committed to showing her work?
      • Supposedly it's based off an obscure mythological creature called a "human".
      • Mythological? According to Stella Canta's "The Twelve Emperors", Incitatus' ape Caligula was one of these.
      • The myths sprang from Incitatus' unique ape.
      • Word Of Celestia recently confirmed this, and also said that Krastos was based on one, with a few bear-like qualities mixed in with it.
    • My guess is that the author was trying to recapture the feeling that readers got when they were first introduced to Ahuizotl. We were all just as confused as to what he was initially...

  • Okay, long story short, a friend of mine got me hooked on these books when I was laid up in the hospital with a busted wing, and now that I've read through most of them, thinking back, I see a lot of parallels between some of Daring's friends and allies, and my friends. Is this normal, or am I looking too much into things?
    • It's anypony's guess at this point.
    • Relax, the series is decades old, so unless you and your friends were adults just after the Third Griffon/Diamond Dog War, it's a coincidence. We write about tropes, here, and they repeat because they connect with the audience. The idea that a fictional pony would happen to share traits with anypony is not surprising if you search through enough ponies until you found somepony that matches (although if one of your friends happens to be Princess Celestia, that wouldn't be coincidental at all).
    • Furthermore, Daring Do and her friends are strongly based on the founders of Equestria, though softened a bit from that difficult period of history to fit into a book series suitable for everypony. (Go and watch the Hearth's Warming pageant in your town next winter if you don't believe me.) Commander Hurricane, Clover the Clever and Smart Cookie are huge role models for young ponies nowadays, and have been for centuries, so it's unsurprising that you know ponies who are a lot like them. Now, if you start to suspect that you and your friends are reincarnations of the Founders, then you might be letting your imagination run away with you.

  • How the buck did Herpy trust the Happy Mask Salespony? Sure, he's not the most Obviously Evil pony, but good Celestia can he make creepy faces! Not to mention the off-kilter music playing in the background every time you see him (but to be fair, the music was only in the video game adaptation.) Also, if he was just a minion of Ahuizotl purposefully hired to give Daring the Wooden Mask, it makes you wonder what all those other masks in his bag were intended for...
    • The book was very clear that even Ahuizotl wasn't sure what the Salespony was. The book was also very deliberately vague on how Ahuizotl paid the Salespony, beyond even him finding it unpleasant. The implication was that Herpy couldn't notice all the weird stuff going on with the Salespony.

  • WHY did the new release of the movie adaptation edit Herpy out so much?! I heard that apparently someponies were offended, saying he was making fun of disabled filles and colts. But... seriously, I think they were overreacting. He just messes things up a lot. He wasn't TRYING to offend anypony!
    • Values Dissonance. Portrayals of characters with his condition were too often Played for Laughs back in the day as the butt of the joke. Sadly, despite being a trailblazer for positive depictions of such characters, Applewood is too worried about backlash with their investors.
    • How is Herpy disabled again?
      • He's got an inner-ear problem that makes him clumsy. It doesn't come up much at the beginning because he's mostly sitting down, researching and can telekinetically grab things, and later books he's gotten better through practice.
    • The original controversy over his mispelled name probably hasn't helped either, especially since it still tends to flare up again decades after the original publication.
      • Strange how it didn't flare up when Zapapple Tock author Muffin Parcels' true name was revealed.
      • Probably because ditziness and STDs isn't exactly a natural connection to draw. In any case, the controversy had already died down the way it always does - the Moral Guardians keep reading anyway, finish Wooden Mask, and recognise that Herpy's Omniglot and Awesomeness by Analysis moments do make him a worthwhile role model, whatever conditions he may or may not have.

  • Just HOW did Claddie fake his death? Did the villagers seriously believe he was an actual pony the entire time?
    • He did say they were rather stupid...

  • Where does the Gilded Marksmare store all those guns?

  • Haystack Leaves just got cast as Sebastius Mareton. What.
    • Never mind, saw the newest trailer. He's awesome, please continue.

  • If Bindu, Queen of the Elephants, was stated to have introduced literacy to her people in the animated series episode "The Tusk of Kandula", how come does "The Pyramid of Doom" show Daring Do reading an 'ancient elephant tome' to find about the rakshasas?
    • Perhaps there was a fall of civilization. Plenty of records got destroyed in the aftermath of Nightmare Moon and Discord (hence why until recently the former was only an old pony's tale, the latter obscure myth most ponies that even knew of him thought came from the diseased mind of H.P. Hoofcraft, and the Crystal Empire became Ultima Mule in the subsequent retellings). With civilization destroyed, the records gone, and a forced adoption of a nomadic lifestyle, writing may simply have been lost.

  • How in Equestria did Princess Sparkler get her hooves on Spur's egg? Dragon eggs aren't exactly easy to come by.
    • Remember, the Colt Leader had killed a dozen dragons by the time the book started. The Colt Leader probably murdered his mother, then gave his egg to Princess Sparkler to raise it in an abusive environment.

  • How could the Colt Leader be tough enough to go toe to toe with the Assembler? True, she's killed dragons, but considering the thing can fight Krastos to a standstill, she ought to have been defeated effortlessly.

  • How did the Greifvögel make all their advanced weaponry, given the time period Daring Do is set in?

  • Why is Daring squicked by Rail and Shudder's relationship if big age gaps were a common thing in Diamond Dog culture around that time?
    • Hearing about it and watching it are two different things.

  • Just how did Galactic Gospel get the idea for Crimson, Black, and Blue, a story about three dragons cursed to be children forever from THIS?!

  • The Griefvogel are all resurrected as mindless soldiers in Chemical Sister, so why does Eichelhaher still have free will?
    • Possibly because she had lost her mind before she was killed, so whatever was done to bring her back to life fixed her brain maybe?

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