Headscratchers / DMZ

  • Was this troper the only one bothered that the Public Works arc seemed to be just For the Evulz? Trustwell is a private corporation with contracts from the US to rebuild in the DMZ. This is how they make a profit. They already have a monopoly on reconstruction projects, but they spend copious amounts of time and money recruiting their own terrorist network to carry out false flag operations and kill the UN Secretary-General, causing the peacekeepers to pull out of the DMZ and leaving Trustwell security forces unrestrained to launch attacks throughout the DMZ. All very clever, except that they don't get paid to fight, they get paid to build. They're literally losing money in equipment and overtime for all the security troops and helicopters shown in the attacks, not to mention the effort, expense, and liability of running a convoluted terrorist plot behind the backs of the US and UN. What is their motivation? I would buy that it was some shenanigans cooked up for Trustwell security to fight in the DMZ as US proxies without technically violating the ceasefire, but in the next arc (Friendly Fire), the General in the HMMWV thanks Matty for blowing the whistle on the Trustwell plot. So why would a corporation (whose only other logical motive is profit) go through all the trouble just to take a hit in the pocketbook?
    • I think the idea is that, without any other presence in Manhattan, they could basically operate without oversight, both as proxy US forces and in their original capacity of rebuilding the city. Meaning they could do whatever they want and charge whatever they want without any checks; there would be nobody to counter any claims they made. And, presumably, if they were stepping in for the UN as the only peacekeepers in the DMZ, they would be getting paid for their services; we just didn't get to see that specific negotiation.

  • So who has the nuclear silos? The FSA would run into at least one of the few the US still has but could they control them in any fashion without all the things the government has for that?

  • It is stated that the US military is still the most sophisticated and coordinated and maintains air superiority. Given the massive logistical and financial expense of an air force and the US military in general, how does the remaining US government pay for it considering they control a small fraction of the country with the financial capital in ruins?