Headscratchers: Cool World

  • Was Holli insane before she turned into a noid? And if not, how did turning into a noid make her insane?
    • 1: Yes. 2: The drastic physical and possibly emotional shifts just made her unstable- mentally unstable as well as physically unstable.
  • What was the point of trying to kill Professor Whiskers?
    • She was trying to threaten/bully Professor Whiskers into helping her. But she was acting recklessly (due to being temperamental and sociopathic) and semi-inadvertently stabbed him in the process.
  • Why's cartoon Jack Maurice LaMarche when live-action he's Gabriel Byrne?
  • Near the end of the movie, why did Holli start turning into a zany toon instead of returning to her normal form?
    • Holli wanted to stabilize her form, and simply fixated on the spike as the one thing with the power to do that. But as the Professor told her, nobody can control the spike
  • Why was Jack able to just return to his house and car after spending an untold number of years in prison? Did the state of Nevada just keep everything for him?
    • Presumably he was very well off financially and was able to maintain his payments and whatnot. Think about it, he walks into the comic store and several individuals recognize him almost immediately and in real life if you're not Stan Lee comic writers don't have a hard time flying low key.
  • What do doodles get out of sex, if they can't "feel" it? Holi Would complains to Frank Harris that she wants to be real, so she can really taste things, really feel things, and have sex with real men. This would imply that Doodle sex isn't that great. Yet it's desirable enough for Lonette to long for sex with Frank Harris. And at the end when Frank becomes a doodle, both parties are excited to finally have sex. What were they going to get out of it, without feeling anything?
    • For that matter, what did Lonette's customers at the restaurant get out of the food and drinks she served them, if they couldn't really taste any of it?
    • Holli envies that Noids can "really feel things". I think that doodles CAN feel things, but Noids feel them even more. Doodles can feel enough to want things and be happy or unhappy, Holli is just greedy for even more because that's the kind of person she is.
  • So in all the years that Frank has been in the Cloud Cuckoland hell hole that is Cool World he's never been "killed" by a doodle? and he's a cop? Even though he knows that death in Cool World isn't permanent (as he explains to Lonette shortly before going back. By all rights he should have been a doodle a week into his stay!
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