Headscratchers / Conservapedia

  • Alright, does anyone know what their full stance on the UK is? In their British English article, they say that using British spelling is against freedom of speech, but when a sacred Christmas tree in a British town was damaged (most likely from guys who were piss drunk), they called it "anti-religion and anti-monarchy!" By the way, I got a tweet from Keith Olbermann asking why they think The King's Speech is "conservative"; he responded "because there's kings in it".
    • The Christmas thing took priority over the fact that it was British. As for The King's Speech, from what I read it's because it beat the Facebook movie, and since they hate Facebook (probably because nobody would friend Schlafly) they view it as liberal and anything that opposes it as conservative. ...yeah.
    • It seems that some of the higher ups (Schlafly in particular) have an extremely bitter dislike of the UK bordering on outright hatred due to it being "liberal" and "atheistic", as well as having so many of Schlafly's pet hates descend from there (ie Darwin and by extension the whole of EVILution, Dawkins and other prominant Brits who dare oppose his views, The Beatles and other British groups or he seems to have a feverish dislike towards, and of course football (soccer) which is obscenely socialistic and anti american to him), the paranoia over British spelling is merely a symptom of a much larger anti british sentiment.
      • through paradoxically Andy also seems to miss the British empire, and the Victorian Era in Britain, as well as openly support the Nazi wannabe BNP (though deride even them as "too liberal" in certain areas)