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Headscratchers: Commando
  • How did Matrix know the surplus store had that back room?

  • What surplus store HAS a secret back room with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns?

  • How come the cops arrest Matrix when he's stealing enough weaponry to start a small war but don't even bother to handcuff him? How were they able to just ignore Cindy, especially when they should've seen her wheeling a shopping cart full of guns (and a rocket launcher on top) right out the front door to bring to a car on the surplus store's premise.
    • How come they didn't notice all the military surplus goods in the backseat of the car (with the rocket launcher right on top) when Cindy pulled up alongside the patty wagon Matrix was in? How come they missed all that in plain sight and merely just thought that Cindy was just a hooker driving a Cadillac convertible?

  • Why didn't Matrix contact the military after he got off the plane?
    • He wanted to take care of everything himself before the military got there, so they couldn't screw things up and get Jenny killed.
      • If Matrix wanted to avoid screwing anything up, why did he indiscriminately blow up buildings when he had no knowledge or intel as to where on the compound his daughter was being kept?
      • Matrix went right to the buildings and set up the claymores, so he was close enough to see what kinds of buildings they were—soldiers' barracks. That's not where you would keep a hostage like that.

  • Why did the infinite number of security guards at the mall focus all their attention entirely on Matrix, even while the bad guys were firing guns at other people in the mall?
    • Probably figured they were all members of the same gang. And remember things were pretty chaotic by that stage.
      • Even within the confines of Willing Suspension of Disbelief, such a large group of security guards being unable to identify gunshots or notice other people in the mall are actually being shot and killed is really pushing it. Given the obscenely large groups of security guards that are on duty at the mall, surely they'd be able to divide their manpower to diffuse the chaos throughout the entire mall and not just focus everything they have on one person.

  • When the motel door breaks down, revealing a couple in the adjacent room having sex, why is the woman positioned behind and on top of the man who is on his hands and knees?

  • Okay, most of these can be justified by Rule of Cool, but I've always wondered what Special Force Col. Matrix was from. He's a colonel, so that rules out Navy SEAL. He "eats Green Berets for breakfast," so that rules that out. And the Berets seem more elite than Rangers. My own guess: Col. Matrix started as a Beret but them moved on to Delta Force.
    • Note that Matrix is retired.
      • True enough, but still...
    • He's from Or Something. That's the real name of the secret government organization.
    • He's from a one-man Special Forces team called John Matrix.
      • The Delta Force does draw from the Army Rangers. That would explain his elite skills, and his dissmissive attitude toward the Green Berets.
    • The Other Wiki states he was Delta Force.

  • Matrix has his daughter hide under her bed in her room, unprotected, instead of safely in his gun closet, which has safe-like protection, a code needed to get inside, and a location he was going to anyway (for his guns) so he could've escorted her and made absolutely sure she would be safe? What?
    • The gun closet is also, you know, airtight. Not a smart place to have someone hide. Second, Matrix thought they were after him specifically, so he didn't want his daughter near because it might mean her taking a bullet meant for him. He's sending her someplace he thinks the badguys have no reason to go so he can draw them off and take them out without them getting near her.

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