Headscratchers: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

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  • How does Rikka know Yuuta's first name while she's getting smacked around in the nurse's office in the first episode? I can't imagine that Tooka would go out of her way to tell her, since at that time the two families had nothing to do with each other. Also, even if she somehow knew his name, why use his first name right out of the blue? She refers to Shinka as Nibutani when they first meet, and she refers to Sanae by her last name even though they've known each other for years. And finally, why does she insist that Yuuta call her by her first name so soon after they meet, even though she's fine with other people calling her by her last name?
    • My answer below:
    Touka (in an aside during discussion with Rikka): That Yuuta kid below us is acting weird again...
    • Rikka moved in the night before they met though, and Yuuta hadn't done anything particularly out of the ordinary during that time. Plus Touka says in episode 9 that Rikka usually gives her the silent treatment and doesn't talk to her much.
      • Corrected and answered as of Episode 12. Rikka had moved in with Touka for a bit after they left their house but before they moved to their grandparent's house, and Rikka was more or less stalking Yuuta for most of that time because she was impressed with his Dark Flame Master persona.
  • Does Rikka have black hair or dark-ish blue hair, like Azusa in K-ON, only a shade lighter?
    • It's black in the light novel, and while it's dark-ish blue in the anime, I think in-universe it's supposed to be black hair as well.
  • Dekomori's bolas weights. I suppose her long hair should already have pulled off by now? Especially after episode 10...
  • Why did Kyo Ani HAVE to put the part about Touka leaving for Italy and pressuring Yuuta to convince Rikka to face reality during the school festival? The timing is really spot-on to hurt Rikka the most, what with it happening right after the two confess and all, and we ended up missing out on a potentially epic Tyrant's Eye vs. Dark Flame Master performance.
    • Simple: Touka is a selfish fucking bitch who never loved Rikka, saw her as an obstacle to her success and wanted an easy guilt free way out (making her "normal"/manageable) so the repsonsibility can be dropped on her mother's shoulders so she can start fresh in a new country without the sister she hates. Bra-fucking-va you heartless iron bitch you.
      • Uh, yeah, I'm really not sure where you're getting any of that at all.
      • I take it you're the one who put The Cynic trope on Touka?
      • And having watched Episode 11: I was proven wrong. Touka can feel love and express kindness, however cold and subdued; she is as damaged as Rikka, just in a different way.
      • As of now, she's still pretty much pulling a Karma Houdini on the rest of the cast, being the only one that's really happy with the way things turned out.
      • A lot of YMMV here. Others can argue that Touka had good intentions, but couldn't find a way to relate to Rikka since it doesn't appear she ever suffered from 8th Grade Syndrome.
  • Episode 7: Why was Touka so adamant about keeping Rikka away from the old house they lived in with their father? Only after Rikka finally gets there and sees that the house is up for sale does Touka lecture her about facing reality. Wasn't it Touka's intention from the beginning to make Rikka face reality? Wouldn't letting her see the house be the most effective way? Touka's not exactly the nurturing type so trying to protect her Rikka from what she wants Rikka to do makes no sense.
    • What Touka was really trying to do was to stop her from running away from their grandparent's house, which Rikka found especially stifling due to her grandfather's presence. Rikka just decides to go to her father's house because she thinks there might be a clue as to the whereabouts of her father, and Touka probably took the opportunity to show Rikka the harsh truth by letting her find it instead of stopping her with the car.
    • The house wasn't up for sale, it was gone. Rikka found an empty lot.
  • How the hell did Yuuta show Rikka the Ethereal Horizon in episode 12? As cool as it was, in reality he really didn't do anything that would make Rikka's perception of the scene change, and it was shown in earlier episodes that other people's delusion world don't worm their way into surrounding individuals.
    • It's supposed to play into the aesop that everybody suffers some form of "8th Grade Syndrome". Yuuta merely managed to reawaken emotions that Rikka had been suppressing up to that point.
  • What is with all the scenes of characters standing on really high places? The rooftop, climbing down the side of a building on a rope, standing on a bridge - it's scary to watch!
  • Why do people keep calling it Chuu2?
    • 'Ni' can mean two in Japanese, and the two main characters are Chuunibyou.
    • Chuunibyou is literally "Eight-grader syndrome"—or, in Japanese, "Middle School Second Year Syndrome." (emphasis added) Understand?
      • To open it further, chuunibyou = chuugakkou ninen byouki, translating to the above.
  • This is more just a Japanese language headscratcher, but how the heck does "May 7th" (五月七日) translate to "Tsuyuri"? Tsuyuri only has 3 syllables, how on Earth do you turn a four kanji word into a three kana word? It's in the dictionary so I don't doubt it's accurate, but nothing I've learned about Japanese so far explains it, I've never seen a word that has less kana than it has kanji...
    • Tsuyuri is a festival that is held in May 7. Please check Alternate Character Reading to see more examples where the kanji and the meaning of the pronunciation are only tangentially related.