Headscratchers: Chirin No Suzu

  • Whoever owns that farm should simply repair the hole in the fence.
  • Why are almost all the sheep ewes? Is Chirin the only male lamb out of his entire flock? Why are there no rams in the flock?
  • Why did the sheep just sit there like useless idiots when Chirin breaks down into hysterical weeping over his mother's corpse? Why did they not even try to offer help or comfort to him?
  • If Chirin could headbutt right through a thick tree, why was he unable to headbutt right through Wolf?
  • Why did Wolf not put up much of a fight against Chirin in their final battle? Suicide by Cop perhaps?
  • The collar around Chirin's neck. It just seems to mysteriously get larger when we see him as a adult, it should have either fallen/broken off by then or cut into his neck.
  • Why does Wolf apparently kill for sport? He doesn't seem to be interested in eating his kills.
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