Headscratchers / Catnapped!

  • Doh Doh never realizes that his power glove had always protected him from Buburina's magic.
  • Why did the magician curse the painting of Buburina?
    • The painting is supposed to draw people to her, but since she can't touch them, she can't exactly return their affections. It's a secondary part to the "loss" sort of thing.
    • From the way he looked at the painting and back at Buburina, part of me got the impression that he felt a little torn about his revenge (even though it's justified, she was still a child at the time), so he enchanted it so that she would have someone devoted to her despite her curse? I don't know, like I said, that was just my impression.
  • How come the king and queen didn't overrule Buburina when they realized she was asking Lily to do something dangerous? You'd think the parents of the princess would outrank her, and she didn't have any powers or a magic painting back then.
  • I admit it's been awhile since I've seen the movie, but even still this bugs me the most. What was the point of the random love story between the cat and the mouse that pulls the moon?
    • I've seen the movie a hundred times and my best guess is that it is supposed to mirror how Chuchu feels about Toriyasu. Mice aren't very long lived and are a different species while cats in Banipal Witt are not very long lived when compared to humans, as a full day in the human world means months and months pass in Banipal Witt. Chuchu could never have a meaningful romance with a human, nor could a human return her affections since they'd become a monster staying in Banipal Witt too long.