Headscratchers: Cartoon Network

  • Why does Boomerang show Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, a Nickelodeon movie that spun off into a Nicktoon? I mean, doesn't Nickelodeon care?
    • To add to that, why is Cartoon Network South East Asia showing Thumb Wrestling Federation when it's a Nickelodeon programme?
    • Come to think of it, why did Cartoon Network air Air Bud, which is a Disney movie?
      • Come to think of it, why did Cartoon Network air Inspector Gadget, also a Disney movie?
      • To answer for the Disney questions, those two movies are distributed by Disney, as in they are the studio who was willing enough to give the film crew the money and allow them to shoot the movie while calling it their own. Now Air Bud seems more like Disney property since they made an entire series out of it, but Inspector Gadget was originally a syndicated cartoon that used to air outside of Cartoon Network. And also, they aired The Nightmare Before Christmas and (I believe they did) James and the Giant Peach, which are also from Disney as well. Again, distributed by them, (with the possible exception of Nightmare Before Christmas. That has some grounds in Disney, so...) so that does give Cartoon Network some rights to air those movies. And I don't mind the idea of airing a live-action version of a cartoon or having a medium blend that contains cartoons, but Air Bud doesn't exactly belong on Cartoon Network.
      • C-C-C-Combo Breaker! The answer is simple, they paid the respective companies for them to play those movies. It's a common Network practice. The Hub does it all the time. How do you explain most of the line up being reruns?

  • Why did Boomerang (the Argentinian version), a children's channel, show "Stand By Me", an R-rated movie?
    • Likely it was the censored version, plus the channel is not geared towards children. Rather, it's a Nostalgia Filter for those over 30.
    • To prove Americans can pervert children just as easily as the Japanese. Or it could be the same reason Cartoon Network has Adult Swim: not only children watch cartoon channels.
    • Was it the censored version?
    • Of course Boomerang being geared towards adults is slowly becoming less and less true. Who over the age of seven wants to watch Baby Looney Tunes?
    • In Mexico, boomerang did start out as a channel purely made of old cartoons. But at some point it mutated horribly and now it's all about live action shows. Not even good ones. And most of them are from only two or three years ago.
    • There are 2 awful days for programming and those are Tuesdays and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are generally full and hard to acquire slots for. They've actually handled a crap time slot pretty well.

  • Where the hell is Ed Edd 'n' Eddy's Big Picture Show?
    • Pushed out of the way for teen shows like Survive This. When CN finally comes to their senses, the entire network will be gone...
    • FYI, as far as I know, it's not coming to the West anytime soon. So far, it's only been released in Australia, Scandinavia, and Southeast Asia. Great. The only way that CN can throw Australia a bone is by denying us the chance to see Eddy's Big Brother. EDDY'S BIG BROTHER!
    • Good news, everyone! They finally aired it in the states!

  • While getting rid of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z was bad enough for CN, why did the network decide to give away their sequel shows to Disney XD and Nicktoons, their rival networks?
    • Because their executives are each holding an Idiot Ball.
    • I heard CN may have had issues with their distributors.
    • I heard from somewhere or other that Naruto was starting to get too violent to censor without making it completely incomprehensible, so CN decided to dump it off on someone else rather than enrage an already rabid fanbase.
    • In September 2002, Dragon Ball Z was the highest rated show on Cable. And they seriously think they were right in doing this.
    • It seemed to be part of a movement to shove anime out of the schedule as completely as possible. Disney XD doesn't mind having anime on its schedule, and certainly not Adult Swim, but regular Cartoon Network feels like it wants as little to do with anime now. Probably went hand in hand with CN Real at that time, considering anime is pretty much the narrative and aesthetic polar opposite to live action reality TV.
    • Well, the cancellation of CN Real and the return of Toonami is pretty much Cartoon Network admitting that they screwed up horribly when it came to this.

  • Was there ever an explanation for why Moltar gave the job of "Host of Toonami" to TOM? (Not that I hate TOM.)
    • I think TOM first showed up when Space Ghost Coast to Coast was created. The suits were probably nervous about how suddenly Moltar, the Toonami guy, was suddenly on this adult-oriented show; they were probably scared that kids would stay up really late to see Space Ghost's show, and parents would complain somehow factors into it somewhere.
      • But SGCTC came out in 1994. TOM showed up in 1999. What's more, it wasn't really that inappropriate until around the time [adult swim] came about.
      • Or a Kayfabe explanation, TOM was built to relieve Moltar of the stress of running a programming block, and producing Coast to Coast, which is as draining as working with Space Ghost and Zorak would entail.

  • Is it just me, or does CN Latin America have a bigger animation budget than CN USA (and they're both based in Atlanta!)? And let's not forget that they redid the Nood era for Latin America replacing them with the exclusive Toonix, even with individual bumpers!
    • No, I think you're kind of right. Latin america has around 600 million people, and all they need to do is dub and tweak the animation a bit. It makes sense they'd have a bit more money to work with.

  • Here's a very good question concerning Dude, What Would Happen?: why? That's it. Why?
    • Because, and I hate to lay even a modicum of indirect blame on them, Mythbusters. More accurately, Mythbusters fans. More detailed, Mythbusters has many fans, so a show that takes the core concept of Mythbusters will also have many fans, and the horrible failure of Smash Lab to be popular enough means that it wasn't good enough to use as an example of why making "Mythbusters, but moar X-Treme" doesn't work if you completely miss the point of why most fans like it. Also, CN Viewers Are Adolescent Morons who would justify dumbing down Mythbusters even more than most misaimed copies. For the most cynically terse reason, it's cheap and probably popular.
    • And to throw in a dash of Jackass, you get a recipe for success...
      PPG Narrator: Who are the MythToons? DeeDee Savage ("Ooh... look at the pretty colors!") and Dexter Hyneman (**Facepalm**) Between them, more than 30 years animation experience.
      Dexter: No, DeeDee, Don't Touch That!
      Narrator: Joining them: Blossom Imahara ((music)"The Wrist Cylinder's connected to the, Fo...re Arm"), Bubbles Byron ("That actually was fun."), and Buttercup Belleci ("Why do I always have to be the fall girl?")
      They don't just demonstrate cartoon physics, they put it to the test.
    • For the sake of argument, Dude, What Would Happen? was the most profitable show from CN Real... not that it's saying much. Plus, it's extremely hard to get hosts that preteen boys can appeal to when they are animated, or else you'll need months of planning and tons of extra budget set aside.
    • Good news be heard, people! The two remaining shows from CN Real have been, if not outright canned, at the very least, put on a bit of a hiatus for the time being to get the Christmas Specials onto the lineup. Things may be looking up for the time being.

  • Why put DC Nation shows on weekend mornings? Why can't they rebroadcast them in the evenings? On fridays, Ninjago and Star Wars make up the prime time cartoons when Ninjago seems more saturday morning material. Not to diss Ninjago but it seems more commercial and not as complex as Young Justice and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Are they even allowed to rebroadcast shows now? it seems Flapjack or any of the old shows get played much, is it a money issue?
    • And now, why have they put the block on a hiatus until January? We just got off a four-month hiatus and there've only been two new episodes! They didn't even tell the creators about it. I know it's their birthday, but why didn't they tell anyone and why does it have to be until January?! Hell, why even bother taking them off hiatus to spring another one two weeks later?

  • As a general rule, their Adored/Screwed by the Network sliding scale is:
  1. Current original productions
  2. Current reboots of older properties
  3. Older original productions
  4. Classic Looney Tunes
  5. Classic Hanna Barbera, MGM and Ruby Spears
  6. Anything else including ones of the top three that fall out of favor

  • Why did Cartoon Network decide to write off Sym-Bionic Titan and Beware the Batman at this point? Yes, neither show made as much money as they were hoping for, but they could've easily written off both shows when they stopped airing initially. But they didn't, and since they stopped airing on regular Cartoon Network hours (and in Beware's case, DC Nation), both shows have found a home on [adult swim] and Toonami. Why choose now to ultimately hammer the final nail into the coffin?
    • I heard they ended Sym-Bionic Titan because they thought the toy line wouldn't sell well. And I Think the same applies for Beware the Batman.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but why is Scooby Doo the only surviving Hanna-Barbera franchise? Couldn't Warner or Cartoon Network studios make more new shows from other franchises like The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear and others like they're doing with Scooby Doo?