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Headscratchers: Brazil
  • They were expecting to get testimony out of Sam with torture that ends with a spike through the forehead?
    • Careful attention to almost muted dialog before that scene reveals they are trying to get him to sign the bill for the arrest, incarceration, torture and paperwork. Yes, you have to pay for your own torture in Brazil. And that is all they were after.
  • What does Jill see in Sam? From her perspective, he comes off as a crazed stalker more than a few times.
  • In the YMMV tab it's stated that Gilliam is surprised by the American Right's liking of this film, as he meant the film to be a satire on right-wing values. This might make sense for traditionally quite big-government Britain, but I thought conservatism in America was more small-government. Gilliam himself is American. Is this a case of Society Marches On, and American conservatism has drifted more to the small-government end than it was when Gilliam was growing up, and in The Eighties?

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