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Headscratchers: Blue's Clues
  • Salt plus Pepper equals Paprika and Cinnamon...really? (to clarify, how could Mrs. Pepper give birth to Paprika and Cinnamon, let alone get pregnant?)
    • I was about 5 and thought this was weird. The Paprika baby, because for some reason I never knew Cinnamon existed until today. of course, my logic was white+gray/black=red-brown????
    • Spice shakers have really weird genetics and reproductive systems?
  • How old is Joe? He's Steve's younger brother. Steve's age isn't really stated in the series, but he seems to be a young adult. From the looks of it, Joe is supposed to be prepubescent or a young teen; but his actor makes him seem years older.. Where are his parents if so?
    • It's possible that Joe was living with their parents until he was old enough to live on his own. It could be that Joe just happened to be ready to move out right when Steve needed someone to house sit for him.
    • Maybe it's some weird Dawson Casting but Joe seems like an adult to me.
    • Well, s far as I remember, Steve left the show because he "went to college" so I expect Joe was a high school student, probably a freshman.
    • If I recall correctly, we were always intended to think of both Joe and Steve as kids rather than adults. I don't know how that's supposed to work when they're both clearly adults, but okay.
  • If Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had Paprika (ignoring the adoption possibility in the WMG page), wouldn't that mean that there was a Mr. Pepper who was cheated on?
    • People who work with little children, like day care workers or teachers of preschool, often have the children refer to them as Mr./Miss/Mrs. and then their first name (presumably to get the children to consider them "friends" by being on a first name basis while still maintaining respectful titles so that they can discipline the children). I've always assumed the situation with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were something like that, and that Salt and Pepper are their first names.
    • Fridge Brilliance : They're Salt Shaker and Pepper Shaker.
    • She didn't take her husband's name?
  • Exactly where did the songs "Buddy Boogie" and "Why Are We Such Good Friends" on the "Blue's Biggest Hits" CD come from? If they're from actual episodes, I don't remember them.

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