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Headscratchers: Beerfest
  • Hammacher & Schlemmer — really, what good would all those muscles be when it came to drinking beer?
    • If you go by what they say in the movie, those guys are actually the two worst drinkers on the German team. Jan: Sounds like you guys fancy yourselves drinkers, huh? Rolf: Jah maybe a little bit, I think we just beat the Irish. Jan: Well I'll tell you what! Well why don't you pick your best two, Friedrich? 'Cause you just opened up a can of corn. Germans: (Much laughing) Rolf: Our best two? Jah? You want our best two? How about our worst two? Hammacher! Schlemmer!
  • Since the English team is seperate from the Scottish, shouldn't they have been wearing St. George's Cross to go along with the Scots' St. Andrew's, rather than the Union Jack?
    • No. We're prouder of being British that the Scottish.
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