Headscratchers / Bang Zoom! Entertainment

  • For the end credits for English dubs it is standard to list the original Japanese cast first, then the Japanese crew, then the English crew. So why do studios like BangZoom! and Studiopolis put the English cast list last in the end credits? They're the ones that are heard in the shows, right? And they're the ones they bring to public events to plug these shows, right? And they don't even pair the English actors with the characters they voice- they're just listed in alphabetical order! FUNimation completely averts this by putting the English cast list first, and does pair them with their respective characters! What's the deal?
  • What are these so called "union troubles" that lead to certain replacements, like why Kate Higgins as Saber in Fate/stay night was replaced by Michelle Ruff, and the entire cast of Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor with FUNimation?
    • Kate Higgins is a union-only member voice actress, which is why she was replaced with Michelle Ruff (who is known to work in both union and non-union environments note ) in the Fate/stay night film. Interestingly enough, the Fate/Zero dub is union, but they had Kari Wahlgren instead (though this is because Tony Oliver is the ADR Director for Fate Zero rather than Kristi Reed, who was the ADR Director for Fate/stay Night; and it was rumored that Tony Oliver didn't agree with Kristi's casting decisions). The case with Fafner relates to Funimation's decision to use their own home studio rather than outsourcing for cost production reasons (it probably wouldn't be cost efficient to outsource a movie as oppose to a 25 episode TV series).