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Headscratchers: Backyard Sports
  • How come the characters do not age at all for a few games, and then jump three years the next?
    • Which game are you referring to? 'Cause if it's Baseball 2007, that's probably a result of the Continuity Reboot.
      • Nope, I'm referring from Baseball 03 to Hockey.
      • In that case, I guess it's because the characters all got a redesign.
  • The NPC kids. Where do they come from? Why do they change appearance from game to game?note 

  • This can probably be chalked up to Rule of Cool, but in Baseball— where'd they get a blimp?note 
    • It's probably in actuality an RC controlled blimp, but it's so close to the camera that it looks actual size.

  • Why does Hockey (can't remember which iteration) butcher all the kid's designs?
    • Because Humongous wanted to appeal to an older audience.
      • Not sure it helped too much. I'd been playing the games for a while and actually liked the fact that the characters were a bit younger. It helped make the more bizarre events fit in.

  • How was Atari allowed to use NFL teams and players when EA had an exclusive license?
  • Why is Reese Worthington referred to as male in his bio, yet Sunny Day refers to him as "she" in-game?

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