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Headscratchers: Audition
  • A relatively minor nit considering it's a Takashi Miike film... but how is the mangled guy in the burlap sack able to swallow without a tongue?
    • In that case, shouldn't most of the people on the Tongue Trauma page have starved to death after the incidents listed?
    • To be fair, this guy showed up out of nowhere while the main character was drugged and then disappeared again. We don't know that he exists.
      • From what I hear (I haven't seen the movie...yet) she feeds the man in the burlap sack her vomit. I don't know if this is his usual diet, but I would feel you could swallow (semi)liquids without a tongue, albeit with difficulty.
  • How did Aoyama manage to speak with the guy in the wheelchair when he was looking for Asami, given that Asami had already sliced off his head with piano wire?
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