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Headscratchers: Asu no Yoichi!
  • Shouldn't Yoichi be a bit more oblivious to girls, considering his upbringing for years in the mountains with only his father left him with No Social Skills? Then why are his reactions no different from that of perverted harem anime protagonists? His reactions should be similar to Sousuke Sagara's.
    • More accurately, like Young Son Goku, who did not even know the basic biological difference between the legs until he met Bulma.
      • Given that Yoichi is 17 while Goku was a child, plus the world's emphasis on such, entirely plausible.
    • One more note on how he reacts to girls. He is obviously attracted to woman but never really seen any in his life until now. Shouldn't' he be really creepy around them? Like why would he know not to stare at them or touch them? Now he maybe afraid of being attacked after the first girl he meets is a very violent tsundere but still...
    • I think why Yoichi acts the way he does around girls is that his father most likely taught him to respect women...unfortunately, he did not teach him how to interact with them. Combine this with the fact that he literally does not know quite how to deal with his intense attraction toward Ibuki (and possibly the other 2 older sisters)...
    • Ibuki's commenting on it after she reverts to a 4-year-old is a little odd though. Amusing that she calls Ayame big on this occasion.
  • A Tsundere for whom Buxom Is Better? Isn't that like, a major violation of the archetype?
  • Weren't the arts and cultural refinement a big thing for samurai? Why does Yoichi quit the drama club so quickly?
  • Was it every explained why Torigaya turned into a girl gradually? Sure, he got smaller throughout the series, but they never really hint at him ever being a woman
    • I noted that in Flanderization, but when did you come to believe Torigaya was female?
      • It's one of the last scenes in the anime as seen in the 2nd picture here. This is the headscratcher part which isn't touched on again (since it was at the end of the show). It may have been a joke scene, but it does get confusing.
      • Ah, thanks for the link. based on what I saw, the two most likely explanations are 1) yours(more likely). Throw-away gags are common in a final episode or 2) the animation house went Off Model by ALOT(least likely).
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