Headscratchers / Argo

  • In the climax of the movie, why didn't the Revolutionary Guard order the plane to land after they'd missed stopping it on the ground? It was still in Iranian airspace (it would take at least half an hour for the plane to reach the Turkish or Iraqi border after takeoff), and a civilian Swiss pilot wouldn't have much reason to refuse the request.
    • Cause in real life, it did not happen like that.
      • The entire being-chased-by-the-guards aspect is fictional, of course. But in the film universe, why didn't the Guards think of stopping the plane?
        • They ran into the tower with the apparent intent of doing exactly that. But much like their pursuit on the ground, they were too late.
  • Given that the six Americans were going to be masquerading as Canadians, why was there never any discussion of whether any of them spoke French? If Mendez could warn one of them of such an obscure detail as to pronounce "Toronto" as "Torono", as "Canadians don't pronounce the "t", and yes, they'll find someone who knows that", why he wasn't he worried that the guards might find it extremely suspicious that none of these people spoke a lick of one of their country's official languages? Even those from "English" Canada ought to know a smattering of French.
    • Lots of Anglophone Canadians speak no French.
    • Fair enough, but it would still be odd that none of the six did, especially since at least one's cover identity was that of someone from Quebec—where French is practically the only language.