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Headscratchers: Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Now that I think about it, shouldn't Naugus have been tried for the crimes he committed before becoming king? His multiple attacks, the time he tried to kill Sonic and Tails (until Nate Morgan stopped him), and allying with Mogul. Did the council just sweep all that under the rug? Pretty sure that becoming leader doesn't excuse what you did beforehand.
    • Even if Naugus's actions against the Freedom Fighters were excused, how did he get to keep the throne after Geoffrey's trial? Geoffrey admitted in open court that he withheld knowledge of Dr. Robotnik's impending rebellion because Naugus said Max wouldn't listen- which didn't explain why they couldn't warn someone else in the royal court. By allowing Robotnik to rebel without even trying to warn anyone at all shouldn't they have both been convicted of treason since they gave aid and comfort to the nutjob?
      • Their evidence against Robotnik was that Kodos was thrown into the Zone by Robotnik himself which, given Kodos actually DID commit treason by setting up the Great War, could be spun by Robotnik as proper punishment. Keep in mind that, at the time, Geoffry was about six years old and just had his father KIA'd in the War againt the Overlanders. It wouldn't be that hard for it to be dismissed as speciesism, especially since Max let Juilian onboard to partially make up for the fact he let Nate Morgan go into exile.
    • The thing that bugged me about it all is that King Max swore his kingdom, Mobotropolis to Naugus. Why didn't they just hand Naugus the keys to the nuclear slag heap that was left of Mobotropolis and tell him to have fun? Max's kingdom was dissolved and replaced with the Kingdom of Knothole years earlier and then dissolved by Elias and replaced with the Acorn Republic. How can Naugus have any claim over it?
      • ...Because the title of "King" still existed; and despite going through name changes, it's still the same kingdom that has stood for generations, ruled by the same family. The Republic still allowed the King to keep his position, even if that title's power has been reduced. If they had outright abolished any political power the King would still have, then Naugus would be S.O.L., but since the Council was created as a compromise between the Old Monarchy & a New Democracy, Naugus still has claim to Elias' posiiton.
      • That's not even a little bit how countries work. The Kingdom changed it's name, location and power structure several times. The Acorn Republic is a totally different entity in every single way to the Kingdom of Mobotropolis.
  • So is Robotnik/Eggman just supernaturally lucky or something? When he was first discovered by Charles and Jules, Robotnik (and by extension Eggman) was being shot at for undisclosed but obviously serious crimes. In the years between his discovery and eventual takeover, nobody in the royal court stopped to both think about why he was being shot at and/or plan ahead in case he tried something. He stole the roboticizer from Uncle Chuck, who seemed way too open about it given what it could do, gaining the means to build up his robot army. Even King Max, who was literally being guided by a primordial intellect, was taken by surprised by Robotnik's takeover. As the book has gone on, it's been revealed that there have been all these powerful wizards, deities, factions, and other occasions (like Tails or Knuckles becoming Titan Tails and Enerjak respectively) that should've ended in his death or defeat, but have obviously not defeated him. It's like Sonic's Chaos Factor is really just someone finally getting a counter ability.
  • In the Archie comics the main universe that the action takes place in is called Mobius-Prime. This implies that the Mobius of the Archie comics is the original. This is a serious faux pas on the part of Archie. The games universe/continuity should be considered the 'Prime' universe. It is, after all, what the rest of the continuities are based off of.
    • The games are set on Earth.
      • Which, in the canon of the comic, is what 3000 years later is called "Mobius". Not op, but I have to ask this: if Mobius is Earth 3000 years after the original Xorda incident, where a "gene bomb" wiped out all the humans, yet made their DNA merge with animal DNA, that started the existence of "mobosapiens", the furry humans that inhabit Mobius during Sonic's time, how come there's no sign or even mention of the civilization? No buildings, writings, not even plastic bottles that are supposed to degrade after maaany millennia. How can Mobius be a pristine paradise filled with nothing but forests and jungles just so quickly after what humanity did?
      • Cause it wasn't 3,000 years. It was much closer to 10,000!
    • Also, there are multiple timelines in the Archie!Sonic universe, so the prime designation could refer to that.
    • I have never interpreted "prime" to mean "original" or the "first to which all others are a spin-off". It does refer to its importance, which you could take to be arrogant, but of course the comic people are going to refer to their own universe as the most important one. If one of the other universes was more important, you'd want to read about that one instead!
    • Perhaps it got that designation because it the majority of universes are based off Mobius-Prime. Most Sonic continuity has a Freedom Fighter group, Darker and Edgier themes, multiple recurring villains, ect. Sega Continuity may be where it started, but Mobius-Prime has the most in common. Though they could still reference SEGA continuity by making it important too(Mobius-Alpha, perhaps?)
    • This troper never really assumed the games to be a part of the Archie multiverse, however, Eggman was able to re-write the universe twice, both times being incredibly simaler ot the games, so perhaps the games are just a result of the Genesis Wave.
  • Where does the meat come from? Sonic and his pals are constantly eating things like chili dogs. Is it processed food that has been engineered to have the texture and flavor of animal products?
  • The chili dogs. The source cartoon had them with meat, right? In an early Archie comic's strip though, a crossover with another Archie series, Sonic shows disgust when humans tell him they eat pork. Then, what are they made of? I've always thought it was soy.
    • As mentioned before, the Sonic universe seems to have both anthropomorphic and normal animals, so probably they're made from realistic cows/pigs/turkeys.
      • Wouldn't the animal friends, the animals Sonic save, count as "normal"? But they're anthro. too. Also, have we even seen a "normal" animal in the series?
      • Froggy, orcas, seagulls, giant whales, turtles, etc. The animal friends don't seem to be any more intelligent than wild animals, so they're probably kosher in some cases too.
    • Ricky and the others can talk and are fairly anthro.
  • I heard somewhere that Anonymous was originally meant to be the original Dr. Robotnik. Is this true? If so, does anyone know why the editors didn't use him in the end?
    • I've heard that one, supposedly that was where Karl Bollers wanted to take it. I'm not sure, but I think it was kind of a hectic period in the comic's history — in between Anonymous' introduction and later reveal, the book changed editors, its main writers took to feuding, Ken Penders derailed one of Bollers' ongoing plotlines and he quit in protest, Ken himself was let go not long after, and finally they brought on Ian Flynn to take care of the mess that'd been left behind. Maybe they just wanted to nuke the whole thing as part of the cleanup phase. Or maybe Ian himself just didn't want to go that route, he's repeatedly said he doesn't like getting into the whole "Robotnik's actually Robo-Robotnik from another dimension" business because it takes too long to explain and is confusing to new readers. But in any case, even if it's true, I doubt it was ever meant to be set in stone.
  • Issue 50 revealed that Sonic's dad and uncle were the ones who brought Robotnik to King Max in the first place, having found him and taken him in. Has this ever been mentioned in the book since then? Does Sonic, or anyone else like the Prowers, even know that his own family is ultimately responsible for everything Robotnik has done or caused, such as Sally's current predicament?
    • Several times. It's even broadcasted across the entire kingdom in issue 72 as part of Robotnik's life story, so it's not exactly secret.
  • What age group is this for? I would guess it's for younger people, (being a Sonic game), yet, from what I can gather, it involves stuff like Eggman's descent into insanity. Can anyone eloborate?
    • Target age group is probably the under-12 crowd. It does have older fans, but it's not aimed at the adults and the writing usually isn't too complicated or heady for the kids to get confused or lose interest. Eggman's descent into madness was, basically, he got defeated one time too many and turned into a frothing madman who lost conception of time. Then he "reasoned himself back from the brink". Not exactly an in-depth examination of psychology going on.
    • The love-triangles and things like Tails' resentment of Sonic for going out with Fiona made it seem more fit for teens at least to me, not to mention the darker elements.
  • The immediate aftermath of the Endgame arc (Issues 50 and 51). So Robotnik is defeated and it looks like Mobius is free again and everyone's happy. But how many of the Freedom Fighters turn to Sonic and take the time to say "Uh, sorry we were idiots and believed Robotnik's scam, turned our backs on you and believed that YOU of all people would actually betray us and kill Sally?" NONE. Sonic must be the noblest creature in the universe to not throw their medal back at them and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.
    • No kidding. I can understand the Freedom Fighters being confused and upset about 'Sonic' killing Sally, but they just completely accepted it at face value. This is despite the fact that they know Robotnik can make perfect robot duplicates (the Sally mini-series), or Sonic could be brainwashed/amnesiac (in an earlier issue), or it could be a hologram, or a thousand different credible reasons. They were in Robotropolis, for God's sake, and they never assume that Robotnik could have been behind it.
      • What makes it worse is that Sonic's cleared of charges basically because Dulcy vouched for him; dragons can't lie and can thus somehow sense when someone's lying. Did no one think to just call Dulcy in to have her talk to Sonic?
    • If I remember correct the entire endgame arc (including issues 51) was supposed to be, yeah Sally's really dead, this is why I'd say it's a failed Author's Saving Throw.
    • And actually, while we're on this topic, I just remembered Sonic's court case after the Mecha Madness special. They did have a credible reason to doubt him - it seemed perfectly in character for Sonic to run off and try his plan anyway - but they were such assholes about it. Sally was the only one who was all "I really am sorry, but this is the law." while Bunnie was ready to sic a sawblade on Sonic's behind if he stepped out of line. It's like a Goddamn running theme for Sonic's friends to be jerks to him whenever he's accused of anything.
      • Though this seems to be happening less and less, or it's entirely justified (last time I can think of an accusation that could be considered without merit is during the whole pre-Scourge Scourge story around about issue 160, where Scourge (at the time not green, nor scarred but still Sonic's Evil Twin from an Alternate Universe)took over Sonic's life and in essence made him do things out of character, but not so much that people suspected that it was Scourge.
  • What happened to the Nerbs?
    • Returned in SU 37.
  • What I want to know is just how Nicole isn't in the Uncanny Valley to any of the other people in New Knothole. I mean not too long ago (by the books maybe two years at best have passed) you had the Mobians all to eager to take the Robians and round them up, with the undercurrent of it's not just because the king said so, but, they're creepy. I think this was the only time that the that anything after issue 150 has ever made me leave a dent in my wall.
    • Well for one thing do we ever really see how they react to her? The only people that actually interact with her are the main characters and they all know her very well. Plus there is the whole fact that she saved them and created a perfect city for them to live in and be protected. However in issue 219(most recent as of this writing) Ash and Mina talk about how they have a hard time trusting Nicole since the Iron Queen invaded and turned her evil so this will probably be addressed big time leading up to the 225th issue.
    • It's finally been addressed. Yes, the Mobians in general have always found her a little creepy, but let it slide due to all she has done and continues to do for them. Then came the Iron Queen which really drove home just how much power Nicole actually has in the city, which, coupled with Ixis's influence, pushed that unease into full on fear and paranoia. She's basically a Pariah, now.
  • Ixis' manipulations and past history aside, does nobody on the Acorn Council find it oddly convenient that he says King Max turned over his kingdom way back when Max himself is too senile to argue said claim (despite never saying this happened in previous encounters), and he shows up saying he can easily remedy the Nicole problem?
    • The council was pretty much as useless and ineffectual as the monarchy they were supposed to replace, from what I saw. Only a few members who have close ties to the Freedom Fighters - like Rotor - saw through this and tried to fight back, if I recall correctly, the rest decided to take the wizard at his word.
    • Here's another one: one of the councilors is Tails's mother. She should know that Naugus tried to kill her son at least twice before. Why wasn't that alone a red flag to her?
      • Does he have a particular background with Tails? I know Mogul did, but I can't think of much for Naugus... She also would have been several billion light years away at the time, so could only have heard about it long after the danger had passed.
      • Sonic and Tails fought Naugus together in issues 65 & 66 according to this so there's that much.
      • Besides, She might not even know about the fact that Tails and Sonic fought Naugus in the first place. I'm pretty sure she was in space at the time.
    • Actually Max outright admitted to it in #53. Sally declared his abdication invalid because he wasn't in a position to make decisions regarding the kingdom at the time, as she herself was acting head and he was trapped in another dimension. The validity of Naugus' claim is verifiable by anyone who was there at the time, so the council isn't forced to go on Naugus' words alone—not to mention the Freedom Fighters can't outright deny it happened without lying. They can only argue the agreement was made under duress or that Max didn't have authority to make it in the first place.
      • On the other hand, Max was captured by Robotnik, and he threw Max into the Zone of Silence, meaning Max was a prisoner of war. Since Max was a POW by the time he met Naugus, that means he never had the authority to hand over the kingdom, agreement or not. Naugus never had any rights to the kingdom. At all. Does the republic just not have laws regarding POWs, or is Naugus just that good?
      • They likely have laws. But they'd need a somewhat narrow one here. Max was trapped, but not exactly in custody. Was he a POW, or an exile? Contracts made under duress usually aren't valid... but what if they're not made with the person who put you in duress in the first place? Naugus wasn't affiliated with Robotnik and had nothing to do with Max's banishment himself. By virtue of being trapped, he was as much a prisoner as Max, just not as vulnerable to the harsh environment. Can you ban people from entering into contracts period if they're a prisoner? Actually no, we don't have a blanket ban on that. So this is a gray area in more ways than one. It's pretty obvious Max was being exploited, but we have a hard time nailing down when and where that is, or is not, acceptable or legal even in the real world.
      • Problem here is that since we know Eggman had the ability to get in and out of the Zone, Max could easily be thought of as a prisoner, just with a willfully negligent warden. Of course, the heroes don't know this bit, but that might change if someone goes into the special zone and asks Feist.
      • Still not getting around "not put under duress by the party in question (Naugus)". You can enter into contracts while imprisoned, it's getting into contracts with the person holding you prisoner that's questionable. Naugus did nothing to Max except help him with promise of later payback. Why should he get zilch because of what Robotnik had done to Max? If the heroes could prove that Naugus had been in league with Robotnik in order to put Max into distress, that would certainly discredit his entire claim, but what they've been stuck arguing is "he shouldn't have had the authority to trade the crown for his life" based on circumstances Naugus had nothing to do with. This is not an airtight case. If they don't recognize Robotnik as a legal authority (and why would they?), their king being kept prisoner by him shouldn't mean they're not acknowledging him as the rightful ruler. Robotnik is the unlawful usurper and Sally is the acting ruler, but Sally speaking for Max in absentia doesn't necessarily preclude his ability to speak for himself elsewhere — unless there are really, really specific laws covering such a situation, laws they reasonably may not have had. All that in mind, Naugus didn't so much have to prove his case as get the council to consider it and then let his magic exacerbate the existing tensions. Add in Geoffrey's popularity, Nicole's unpopularity, and the perception of Naugus as a savior and things tilted in his favor.

        Now that you mention Feist, though, he might indeed help them. Heck, he might even lie to help them ("sure, he was totally in league with Robotnik the entire time"), he's not a nice guy and he apparently hates Naugus.
  • Okay, so back in the Post-Endgame, Ixis really did have a claim over the crown of the Kingdom of Acorn, because Max traded it over for protection in the Zone of Silence. HOWEVER, The Republic of Knothole is a completely different state, crown and nation, Ixis has no claim over it!
    • It's different, but the position still exists, so he does have claim to it. Besides, it's still not a complete republic yet.
  • Pretty sure that Naugus has been using his magic to manipulate people and make them irrational. So it'd make sense that the Council of Acorn don't just outright deny him if Naugus is screwing with their emotions and sensibility.
  • When are we going see those loose ends about Mighty leaving to find his little sister get tied up? We see him in issue #212 leaving to find her and then we never see him again. Then we see Matilda, who could possibly be his missing sister, but we only see her in issues #217-218. So, is Mighty ever going to find her, or what?
    • I'm pretty sure I heard that Ian said that he would like to make a Mighty arc in Sonic Universe. Besides that, after the Secret Freedom Fighters arc is a Chaotix one. Maybe that is gonna be the one with Mighty's travels.
    • The most current Sonic Universe arc is indeed Mighty searching for Matilda (or rather, the Chaotix searching for Mighty who is searching for Matilda). She has no memory of him at all.
  • Why did Amy have Purple Eyes in the early Adventure issues? Everyone else had the correct color, so it can't be due to not having the source material.
  • Was there ever an explanation for why the Legion couldn't disable the bombs in their cybernetics after they joined up with Eggman? Or why the Iron Queen had to give them chips to influence said cybernetics with her Magitek? I've heard some Wild Mass Guessing about the latter issue, but nothing I've read has ever explained why they couldn't just turn off the bombs and go on their merry way, or how they missed the bombs, in the first place.
    • It's probably typical Exploding Leash territory. Generally, when that trope is in play trying to remove the bombs will cause them to explode. As for why they didn't notice the bombs, Eggman is just that good.
  • Is the Genesis arc of Sonic supposed to be a reboot or what? All the evidence seems to point that way, except that the issue right after the saga has everything back how it was, including Sally being alive instead of killed by can(n)on.
    • The editor describes it as a throwback with a purpose. I think the reboot will be temporary, but leave lasting marks on reality. Like, in example, the zones from the Sonic games might be used more often as locations from now on.
    • It's like the Superboy-Prime cosmic punch from Infinite Crisis, causing many small changes throughout the universe. So far they include the following:
      • All Mobians, with the execption of the members of Destructrix, becoming vulnerable to roboticisation again.
      • The spirits of the beings that comprise Ixis Naugus coming back to haunt him.
      • Alterations to Ixis's magic, causing the complete de-roboticisation of Bunny Rabbot.
      • The disappearance of Eggman's blue chaos emerald.
      • And, of course, the roboticisation of Sally.
  • According to a recent interview with the two writers, Ian confirms that Sonic Chronicles was based on Ken's Knuckles comics. So, wouldn't that lend credence to Ken's copyright infringement claim against Archie? And, if so, is Ian correct in saying the most he could get is payment for the use of his characters, and not an actual cease and desist on Archie using them?
    • In the case of Chronicles, that has more to do with SEGA than Archie Comics. Plus, being based on something doesn't necessarily make it copyright infringing. The names were changed, the characters redesigned, or given new purpose. In fact, the thing with the least amount of change was the Twilight Cage and Ken's name for it "the Twilight Zone" was probably more copyright infringing anyway.
  • What exactly did happen during the "missing year" that Sonic was thought to be missing? And why do the things Ian says happened during that time feel like Ass Pulls (for instance, his claim that Rotor swore off being a hero after nearly killing his friends with his robots)?
    • Well, the real reason was because a lot of stuff happened in the missing year that didn't make sense in the first place. Ian was stuck with half-assed results of the skipped-year and did the best to fill in the blanks with the page space he was given. (Rotor quit being a Freedom Fighter, but why was not explained until after Flynn took over.) Add in the fact that a lot of the events during the year-skip weren't entirely agreed upon by Penders and Bollers for the comic at the time. (Like Antoine's change being character development or an evil twin.) As for what the missing year was, Sonic was teleported to a distant planet by an alien device, by the time he got back roughly a year had past. During that year, many weird things took place but the basic status quo was unchanged (honestly, more stuff was applied to have happened, but the previous writers couldn't keep it straight themselves).
    • In short, Flynn was given a few piles of crap to deal with and tried to clean it up without focusing to much on it. The year skip was full of potential, but didn't go anywhere because of the previous writers' conflict with one another.
      • I thought Rotor leaving the Freedom Fighters was something Ian came up with. and he was still technically a member of the FF while being part of the Brain Trust.
  • So during the whole saga with the Iron Queen, Sally seems to be developing feelings for Monkey Khan. Then at the end of the arc she tells Khan that his people need him and her people need her, and they live too far apart to make it work out. Okay, that's understandable. Long distance relationships aren't always easy and being important regional political figures can't help much. But then a few issues later, Sally is visiting Khan because she needs a friend to talk to, even going as far as giving him a kiss goodbye when she leaves, and she returns to New Mobotropolis via warp ring. What happened to the whole "we live too far apart" deal? How is distance even a factor when you have the technology/magic to teleport to the other side of the world in 2 seconds? To top it off, in that same issue she visits Monkey Khan, Sally goes for a dinner date with Sonic no less than 15 minutes after kissing Khan. Is she just really shallow or has she crossed into Sue-territory?
    • It really depends on how often she has the luxury of using the warp ring. Having the technology isn't the same thing as having the resources to use it all the time. As for whether her latest transgression has sent her "into Sue-territory"—ehh. Seems like either she's always been a Sue and everything she does is potentially outrageous, or she can do no wrong and blah blah blah; this particular complaint doesn't seem to really cover any new ground in that department. Sally's never lacked for in-universe admirers and she's behaved like that before.
    • Around that time period, Sonic asks Knuckles if he could use a warp ring, which Knuckles refuses, saying they're dangerous if they got into the hands of a villain like Eggman. And he knows from his experiences with a certain Evil Albino Omnicidal Maniac. So it's more like Sally does not have regular access to one.
  • Why the hell doesn't Silver just take his Goddamn time? He's failed, what, three times now at rooting out the traitor? Hell, he's probably altered the past so much that no member turns traitor or becomes irrelevant. Seriously, traveling in time damages reality! He should be more careful! I have to say, Mogul was incredibly shrewd when he trapped Silver in the past for screwing up so much.
    • The only explanation I can think up is highly wmg, but consider this; You Already Changed The Past, and Silver himself is the traitor. That's the best I got.
    • For that matter, why not just travel far back enough to stop Robotnik before he can launch his original takeover against Mobotropolis in the first place? No Robotnik takeover, no Freedom Fighters, no traitor. Mogul would have know something like a general time Robotnik rose to power.
      • Because that would probably make things worse. No Robotnik means no Freedom Fighters. No Freedom Fighters means no experience. No experience means No Hero of Mobius in case something worse than Robotnik comes along (Enerjak, Xorda, Iron Queen, etc).
      • Not to mention that no FF means that Mogul could actually have won, which explains why Silver always kept going to a certain part of the time stream: Future Mogul doesn't want to win, he wants to atone.
  • The De-Roboticization in Sonic #123 wasn't able to de-robotocize Bunnie Rabbot because she had replaced her roboticized cybernetics. If that's the case, how was Dr Eggman made organic again? He had already replaced his body.
    • Maybe it's a holistic thing? Bunnie had her real arms turned into robotics. Those robotics were then replaced, so she was a mismash of her original self combined with some other source completely. Where Eggman was replaced wholly rather than piecemeal. So maybe with Eggman they could just convert the whole thing at once, where with Bunnie they would have been trying to integrate two separate systems.
    • Bunnie's limbs were altered by Nate Morgan since her body started rejecting her original roboticized ones; they were pretty much replaced entirely. Eggman & Snively, however had their entire bodies built from the roboticizer, based off of their original roboticized selves. So it's plausible for the Bem's tech to change them back into an incredibly close approximation, even if they aren't their original bodies. Well... for Snively anyway. You just have to believe that Robotnik (Prime) designed the Eggman body to behave exactly like a roboticized body in the first place for Eggman to actually become flesh & blood.
      • She was de-roboticized later on in the comic however. And if that still kind of confuses you, the answer is actually quite simple. Literally, A Wizard Didit.
  • So apparently the whole Penders vs Archie thing has been settled, and part of the settlement is that Penders' characters are all Put on a Bus and can never be referenced again. Which means Lien-Da will have to go poof from the Death Egg, the Dark Egg Legion needs to be replaced along with a couple of its leaders like Drago and Razorclaw, the Mysterious Cat People are history, Dr. Quack needs someone to fill his spot, the remaining Chaos Emeralds are gonna need another means to be gotten because Feist is gone, Geoffrey and Hershey's stories are done, Charmy no longer has a girlfriend, and all of the Echidnas except Knuckles and Finitevus have been banished to the Shadow Realm. What's this going to mean for the comic and all of the plots, stories, and stuff that heavily featured them?
    • We don't know for sure what's going on in the settlement. There's also speculation that it's Archie's legal team that's responsible for the characters being removed to avoid stirring up problems. We'll have to wait and see who's still around in future issues.
  • What is the deal with the Warp Rings? Are they regular rings super-charged? Can they be created? Are there a limited amount of them? Is it really hard to charge them? I've read from the point Flynt took over and I still don't get how rare and valuable are they supossed to be. Sometimes they say things like "don't worry we have warp rings" and then they're all "you can't just go around using them all the time"
    • Warp rings can be only created by Dr Finitevus, heroes have only one or two.Its hard to tell how many are of them, since they can be reused over and over. Usually heroes dont use them, because they fear what would happen if Eggman got one.
  • Why does Eggman/Robotnik have black sclera exactly? I don't think you can develop those simply by being evil. They also don't look like cybernetics, given his ear-bolts and clearly mechanical arm.
  • When the Overlanders return to Mobius, Robotniks recalls roboticising his version of his brother, meaning he had used the process on Overlanders before. Yet when he starts roboticizing members of the group, he seems surprised that the process renders them immobile.
    • His brother was willing to be roboticized at that time? If Overlanders wish to be roboticized, then they keep not only mobility, but free will as well. Best I got.
    • Perhaps it was more like Eggman had his brother & people stay in Robotropolis, where they got ill from the toxic waste poisoning, and offered roboticizing them to save their lives? Or possibly because the roboticizer was altered from what Eggman was used to.
  • How Iron Queen was able to control NICOLE during last part of Iron Dominion (or at least she thought that she controled her)? We know that cant control machines forever and she had to sleep from time to time.
    • An even bigger peeve is why no one saw it coming. Surely within all the smarts the Freedom Fighters had, they would have known AI such as NICOLE would have been extremely vulnerable against a techno mage (NICOLE even outright getting in her face straight before it occurs). Only Sally admits this was pretty stupid on her part, though she's not the only one in Mobotropolis with a brain.
  • Here's a question: during the Sonic Universe Prison Episode, they have girls (Fiona, her cellmate, and several others), minors (Scourge is sixteen, and Fiona is presumably the same age), and whatever-the-hell-Al-and-Cal-are (they act like small children, for crying out loud!) in the same prison as (presumably) adults. How did they get away with that in a kid's comic? The target audience (under-twelves, as mentioned above) won't get the Unfortunate Implications but as evidenced by the size of these pages, the comic has quite a large older fanbase...
  • Question for current readers from a guy who quit and is thinking of picking up where he left off(quit around 167): What changes has "Nu252" brought upon the comics as a whole, and what remains from the old?
    • BAD NEWS:
      • The characters and locations made by Ken Penders are gone. Ken's said that Archie can pay to use them again, but only if his Mobius: 25 Years Later is made canon. This probably wouldn't go well with Sega, since they don't want Sonic in a steady relationship and he was married in that storyline. That and fan speculation suggests Ken would use the licensing money to pay for his lawsuit with Sega.
      • While it's too soon to tell, it's possible that all non-Sega and non-Ian cast and concepts were scrapped to so that Archie can avoid future issues with the other past writers.
      • Confirmed. Everything that's not the games, Sat AM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ian Flynn's original characters not based on material from previous writers are gone, along with their storylines and influence.
    • GOOD NEWS:
      • The comic has incorporated more game elements. In fact the events of Sonic Colors have been referenced.
      • The Freedom Fighters (Sally, Antoine, etc.) are still around. So are Sally's dad, Uncle Chuck, and Naugus. Countdown to Chaos is actually dedicated to reassembling the FF team, which seem to have gained a power boost in the reboot, which had been disbanded during the pre-crossover arc.
      • Muttski, Sonic's pet dog, is now a full fledged Mobian and is Uncle Chuck's assistant.
  • Alright, so all the lists are out for who's whose character. The question is: who has claim to Scourge? Penders created the original Evil Sonic but most consider Ian Flynn to have created Scourge himself. Will Penders have claim to the "Evil Sonic" persona and Scourge just not mention it, or will he be out of the comic? That character and his team are the ones who people are consistently unsure about. If anyone knows the answer...
    • Ken's claims that he "owns" Evil-Sonic (who became Scourge) and Robo-Robotnik (who became Eggman) are shaky at best, in that not only were they initially created to literally be dirivatives of SEGA owned characters, but were later changed to barely resemble the characters they started out as, not helped by the fact that Ken never wrote anything with the character as Scourge. Odds are, in a worse case scenario, Scourge would just have to have a slight change in his origin, same with Moebius (which, BTW, Ken claims he also "owns", and was also changed to resemble it's genesis less under Flynn) and the Suppression Squad. A bigger pressing question is if Ken could claim Fiona Fox, given the auto-automation of her was created by someone else but the flesh-&-blood introduced by Ken. Again, Ken claims to own the real Fiona, but it might be more murky since Fiona & her robotic double were OC's.
      • There may be some good news Scourge-wise: Scourge was used on the cover for the upcoming third collection of The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog and the cover to the "Scourge: Lockdown" storyline from Sonic Universe still bears the green-quilled hedgehog AND the unaltered title. This is different from, say, the cover to the Sonic Saga Series collection of "Enerjak Reborn", which had to be retitled "Evil Reborn" BECAUSE of Ken. While Scourge may not be an "Evil Sonic", Scourge may still be safe.
    • Speaking of the "Who's who" thing. has Karl Bollers or any of he previous writers gave their opinions on the Ken v. Archie lawsuit? (This troper really wants to see Mina make an appearance in the comics again)
      • ...Well, to answer the above, it apparently looks like Penders is raising enough of a stink that he "created the basic idea for the character" that (for now at least), Scourge looks to be removed, apparently due to the settlement/threat of another suit/yet another SEGA mandate saying no more alternate versions of Sonic is making Archie wary enough to cut their losses with him too. At this point it looks like the only other characters made by the other authors that are gone are those explicitly stated to be relatives of the game characters
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