Headscratchers / Arashi no Yoru ni

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    Mei and Gabu crossing the mountain 
  • What if there was an inhospitable Desert on the other side of the mountain? Or perhaps a frozen Tundra? They really crossed it on an assumption.
    • Yes. All that confidence about there being a grassy forest on the other side was obviously them putting on, since they both knew they could be marching to their own deaths, but they had to risk it since it's not like they could go back...
  • I also have something with that scene. How long were there? It seems like months, or at least weeks. Where did they get their food and water?
    • They didnt, that's why they were both nearly dead by the end of the movie and why Mei offered himself up to Gabu.
  • It was a mountain, not a mountain range. Why didn't they just go around?

    The subtext 
The front page compares part of the plot to be unable to have sex. Does that mean that Gabu eating animals is akin to cheating?
  • Um, a much simpler explanation would simply be that as an herbivore, Mei is simply bothered by the whole... killing to eat thing. Reading too much into the symbolism.

Wasn't there an official dub? I heard one was either made, or was being made, and broadcasted at festivals.
  • No, there was an unofficial dub and it might still be available on Youtube. The creators were trying to arrange for it to become more official, but TBS didn't go for it.
    • It's still on Youtube, but not on the same channel it was before.

     The girl sheep referenced in the fan-dub 
Wasn't that the pink girl sheep that hangs around Mei's brother?
  • Mii was just a female goat from Mei's clan. Tapper might have been Mei's brother/cousin, though it's a little vague.

     The abandoned barn 
Mei and Gabu took refuge in an "abandoned" barn, so would that mean that there are/were humans around on a cottage/farm nearby? Because, it just wouldn't make sense to build a barn in the middle of a forest...
  • Isn't Mei a domestic goat? Or at least a feral one?

     Gabu's amnesia 
When Gabu loses his memory he acts like a cruel, heartless jerk towards Mei. Is it because he doesn't even remember his own name (thus he's not "himself"), or does that mean that's how he always acted before befriending Mei?
  • I think it's because he wasn't "himself." The Gabu we see at the start of the movie loves to eat goats, and even considers eating Mei, but he's also pretty adorkable and "values friendship more" from the very beginning. Amnesiac!Gabu, not so much of either.
  • It was probably a bit of both. Gabu does admit that if he had known Mei was a goat when meeting him in the barn, he would have eaten him. But he got to know Mei first and decided to give it a chance. Losing his memories, he went back to wanting to eat a goat the first chance he got. But the memory loss may have also made him frustrated and causing him to act meaner than his usual self as well.

     The female wolf 
There seems to be only one female wolf in Gabu's pack, and even then she's only shown in passing maybe a couple of times. Assuming she's Giro's mate, and assuming there are no other female wolves in the pack, how exactly does the pack survive? It seems that either everyone mates with her, or Everyone Is Gay.