Headscratchers: Antz

  • Exactly how did they choose Bala to be the colony's princess? The queen gave birth every 5 seconds, and everyone was labeled either a worker or a soldier. What separated Bala apart from the other babies? Was she the first born out of billions? Was it because she was the most attractive (as far as ants go)?
    • Ant queens are physically different from the other ants, which can't reproduce.
    • In real life, ants are born the same (and all female apart from the drones) but a few are fed a different diet that makes them become queens. Presumably at some point they decided they needed to cook up a new queen, and Bala was the first larva that was suitable.
  • How did General Mandible know about Insectopia? And, if he has been keeping it a secret from the rest of the colony which is very likely, why are ants like Z's 'drunk raving source' allowed to just wander around mentioning it whenever they feel like it?
    • Really, who would believe the words of one 'drunk raving source'? They're, well, drunk and raving. Even Z and Weaver didn't believe him. Z only realised it might be true when he saw the Monolith, and Weaver knew his friend well enough to know he'd go looking for it, whether it existed or not.