Headscratchers / After War Gundam X

  • What bugs This troper isn't that Gundam X has what is quite possibly the most Crapsack World out of all the various Gundams, and ends on one the most positive notes of Gundam. What bugs this troper is that we don't get to see it!
    • Seconded. They also cut it down ten whole episodes, even more than the original. Lousy goddamn stupid executives. Thankfully, there are fansubs.
      • Hey, at least they finished the story and tied up a lot of the plot threads in that time.
  • The Gable has a beam deflection field, so the Freeden team only wins because Roybea gets in close and uses his Gatlings and missiles. So what do they do when they repair the Leopard after that battle? Give it a bunch of beam weapons, replacing a good number of the weapons that just saved their lives.
    • Well, it's not as if all of its non-beam weapons had been replaced. It just had some beam weapons added on top of what it already was carrying. It's simply to balance out the overspecialized role it had on the team for the battles to come.
  • In episodes 2 and 3, it was established that Tiffa is able to feel the pain Gundam pilots suffer when they die in the battlefield to the point of screaming and falling unconscious...yet this ability is never seen or brought up again after that. Even when it should have happened, such as when Katokk Alzamille dies right in front of her, it doesn't. Why is that?
    • She was in the cockpit with Garrod when he fired, meaning she was on the battlefield, while most of the time she's on the ship. And Katokk was one man dying a slow death from blood loss due to the bullet wounds, compared to dozens of people that got hit with the satellite cannon.
    • Let's also not forget that her newtype powers need to be in an active state to use the satellite Canon in almost every other instance she usually tries to suppress her powers or otherwise not use them and that makes perfect sense seeing what happend the first time.