[[WMG: In ''Pet Detective,'' why are the Dolphins wearing their AFC Championship Ring?]]
Beyond just RuleofFunny Don Shula is wearing his while mailing letters, which is odd in and of itself. It's even more odd when you remember Don Shula has won 2 Super Bowls, and he probably wouldn't wear an AFC ring around at all. One of the players was also wearing his while *running.*

[[WMG: In ''Pet Detective'', would the way you hold a football really determine which way it flies when you kick it?]]
** Actually, yes. Kicking off the laces of a football interferes with the direction in which the ball flies. Kicking off the back also ensures it goes farther and higher than if the kicker hit the other side.

[[WMG:In ''When Nature Calls,'' when did Ace do the Chief's daughter?]]
When she offers herself to him, he turns her down, and she gets dressed. Later, he's seen [[Main/CaughtWithYourPantsDown masturbating furiously]], clearly frustrated. Yet at the end of the film, Ace pleads guilty to taking her virginity. What gives? Did they [[Main/DeletedScene delete the scene]] to get the PG-13 rating or what?
** It was left as implied, simply to allow the ending to hook-in. Just a gag.
** Maybe he met up with her again after finding the raven feather in the bat cave.