[[WMG: In ''Pet Detective,'' why are the Dolphins wearing their AFC Championship Ring?]]
Beyond just RuleofFunny Don Shula is wearing his while mailing letters, which is odd in and of itself. It's even more odd when you remember Don Shula has won 2 Super Bowls, and he probably wouldn't wear an AFC ring around at all. One of the players was also wearing his while *running.*

[[WMG: In ''Pet Detective'', would the way you hold a football really determine which way it flies when you kick it?]]
** Actually, yes. Kicking off the laces of a football interferes with the direction in which the ball flies. Kicking off the back also ensures it goes farther and higher than if the kicker hit the other side. In the movie it's clarified by a Super Bowl commentator that Dan Marino WAS holding the ball correctly; Ray Finkle just kicked it wrong.

[[WMG: In ''Pet Detective'', what happened to the real Lois Einhorn?]]
She was mentioned in a news article as a missing hiker. Did Finkle kill her before assuming her identity, or did she die on her own in the wilderness?

[[WMG:In ''When Nature Calls,'' when did Ace do the Chief's daughter?]]
When she offers herself to him, he turns her down, and she gets dressed. Later, he's seen [[Main/CaughtWithYourPantsDown masturbating furiously]], clearly frustrated. Yet at the end of the film, Ace pleads guilty to taking her virginity. What gives? Did they [[Main/DeletedScene delete the scene]] to get the PG-13 rating or what?
** It was left as implied, simply to allow the ending to hook-in. Just a gag.
** Maybe he met up with her again after finding the raven feather in the bat cave.