Headscratchers / Accepted

  • Apparently, this film is set in a universe where There Are No Community Colleges.
    • Worse, one of Bartleby's rejection letters comes from Ohio State, which never outright rejects Ohio residents, but gives them a status called 'Options for Ohio Residents', which allows you to enroll in one of the regional campuses and try to transfer into Main Campus later.
    • And no conservatories, or even any music programs in general. The guy on the accreditation board had to give up trombone for college.
      • Except his exact words were that he wanted to be a Jazz musician, with the implication being that he had to set aside that dream for something more "practical" while attending College.
    • Surely to be an Institute of Technology, you'd need technical/scientific courses available.
      • In this case, it's clear the name was created purely for the acronym, SHIT, so we can let this one slide.
    • Even community colleges can and will turn applicants away for a pathetic GPA or valid suspicions that they'll be a particularly severe troublemaker. Issues with fake ID cards and the police sound plausible enough.
  • Why assume that Community College is automatically a "fallback" if you don't get into your choice of a "real" college? Some kids see university as their only option and don't expect they'll fail.
  • I know it's kind of necessary for the structure of the plot, but it doesn't make any sense that another institution would be allowed to contest an institutions accreditation. Also, non-accredited colleges exist and aren't illegal. Unless they claimed they were accredited, that alone wouldn't make it fraud.