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Headscratchers: A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
  • I only saw a few episodes of this show as a kid, but there was one episode that particularly stuck in my head... In an anti-drug episode there's this guy who was using dolphins to smuggle drugs or something. Every time drugs were brought up in the episode, one of the characters would go "Eeeew! Drugs!". I know it's a kid show, but who behaves that way? What child, even one who believes Drugs Are Bad, has such disgust for illegal substances that simply hearing the word "drugs" revolts them? Did their school invite a speaker from the D.A.R.E program and the characters took the message too seriously? I WANNA KNOW!
    • I did.
    • According to Wikipedia's list of episodes, there was no anti-drug episode.
      • Someone needs to refine their reading skills better, or try ctrl F : drug
      • In the episode titled "Scooby Dude", the Monster of the Day was running a drug smuggling program.
    • It could have been a minor Writer Revolt. Some writers really don't like doing PSA episodes and make them intentionally over-the -top as a result (like in Kim Possible where eating too much turns Ron into a giant monster in one episode, the writers admitted they made it intentionally ridiculous). As a bonus it makes the episode and the message more memorable.
  • This is just something I found odd. Stinkweed was supposed to smell so bad that no one could stand being even close to him. This is made a big deal of when he walks into stores and that's enough to clear everyone out, and Scooby does comment on it later on. However, it's never brought up again. Why make a monster named Stinkweed that's main schick is to smell unbearable horrid and not focus on it at all? Particularly when the main hero is a dog whose nose is their main way to track the bad guys, which could've been a plot point. This just bugs me a tiny bit.
    • Did your network cut the part in which Scooby's nose lead to the gang seeing Stinkweed playing with O'Grady's shoes?
      • No, but the point was that Scooby shouldn't even have been able to stand being able to smell him, at least that's how the guy was set up.
  • How exactly did Daphne end up losing like fifty IQ points upon becoming a teenager? Fred going from paranoid conspiracy theorist to logical thinker can be passed off as him simply maturing a bit, but Daphne goes from being the most reasonable member of the group after Velma to being The Ditz.
    • Hormones. They do crazy things to your brain.
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