Hand Or Object Underwear / Live-Action TV

  • Harriet Hayes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip gets caught topless in her dressing room by some of the men and covers up her breasts with her arm.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar and Will Ferrell ("Not too much, though. This ain't no queer magazine.") spoofed this in a Saturday Night Live sketch for "Holding Your Own Boobs" magazine. SMG was actually topless during rehearsals. A couple photos made their way to the Internet.
  • In one episode of Mr. Bean, the title character got locked out of his hotel room naked, and is forced to navigate the building wearing signs. Amusingly, the sign he wears over his genitals reads "Private" and the sign over his bottom reads "Exit". In the same episode, he loses those signs later, only to replace them with "Out of Order" and "No Entry" respectively. And beforehand, he covered his front with a fire extinguisher.
  • M*A*S*H
    • A very early episode has Hawkeye bet Trapper that he could walk stark naked into the mess tent and everyone in camp would be too bored to notice. Hawkeye manages to cross the compound wearing only a hat and boots via a creative camera setup with soldiers carrying long planks between Alda and the camera. Once in the mess tent he manages to stand in line and get some food before someone notices and drops their tray. He then backs out using an army tray to cover himself.
    Trapper: Pay up.
    Hawkeye(covering himself with the tray) I left my pockets back in the Swamp.
    • Once, Hawkeye and Winchester manage to get B.J. good: Beej wakes up in the nurses' tent, surrounded by women, and completely naked in bed; he tries to grab the sheets, but they're nailed in place. Finally, he gets a pillow and covers his more interesting bits with it, then backs out of the tent... to a full waiting audience.
    • Another episode has Margaret stealing Hawkeye and B.J.'s clothes while they are in the shower. They have to leave the shower tent with "Their heads held high, and their hands held low".
    • In the episode where Winchester has a supply of newspapers and decided not to share, someone stole his clothes while he was showering, but left one of the newspapers, which he used to get back to the Swamp without showing anything.
    • One of the film's most famous scenes was of a showering Hot Lips doing this when Hawkeye and Trapper exposed her in full view of the entire base. Without that bit of history, the TV series simply painted Burns and Houlihan as intolerant. Which they were, but in the film their bitterness was somewhat justified.
  • Saturday Night Live had a series of sketches starring Rob Schneider as the "Sensitive Naked Man". The basic plot of each sketch is Rob, holding an object or objects fitting the situation over his nether regions, trying to get some other character to open up to him so he can figure out why they're so uncomfortable. Of course, it's never ''just'' because he never wears clothes.
  • In The Young Ones, Neil runs into the room wearing a T-shirt and holding a strategically placed flowerpot to angrily confront the others. It escalates until he is about to hit Rik with a kettle held in both hands overhead, when Rik says, "Neil! How are you keeping that flower pot up??" He drops the kettle, grabs the pot and flees for the stairs.
  • Chris in Skins does the hand variant when he gets locked out of his own house naked.
  • Being Human:
    • George does this after stripping naked before his werewolf transformations. The Real Life reason for this is that George is Jewish while Russel Tovey... isn't.
    • Mocked in the second season:
    Daisy: Ah, that's sweet. You might tear someone's throat out but God forbid anyone should see your winky.
  • In Friends, Chandler falls into a Honey Trap set at the restaurant by a woman he knew from 4th grade, so he ends up in a restroom cubicle with only the girl's undies to wear. Eventually he has to cross the whole crowded dining room, hiding himself behind the unhinged cubicle door.
  • Scrubs
    • J.D. is caught doing the naked chicken dance by Dr. Cox. Instinctively, he grabs the nearest object he can reach to cover up his privates — which unfortunately turns out to be a picture of Cox's son. Given Cox's (understandable) anger, J.D. switches it with a different picture... that turns out to be of Dr. Cox.
    • A subversion occurs in another episode with the guest-character Molly Clock; she covers her breasts with her arms even though she's wearing clothes, because she wants the men to whom she's talking to pay attention to her words, not her body.
  • The Naked Trucker And T Bones Show would serve as one of the best examples of this, were it still around. A fine case of Exactly What It Says on the Tin, it's a show about two guys, T-Bones (played by David Koechner) and the nameless Naked Trucker (played by the incomparable Dave "Gruber" Allen, everyone's favorite guidance counselor). Naked Trucker is never seen wearing more than a baseball cap, boots, and a guitar.
  • Will Truman of Will & Grace got to do this with a book and a sofa pillow in an episode when Grace has temporarily moved out of his apartment but keeps dropping in unannounced. ("Remind me to buy you a bookmark.")
  • Teri Hatcher does this with a potted plant in Desperate Housewives. Rumor has it that she started out with the idea to "just get this one out of our system" and went naked before the cameras started rolling.
  • On NCIS, a stray iguana startles Tony awake, and Gibbs and Kate come running, guns drawn, at his startled outcry. As soon as they realize it's not a threat, the others turn to Tony (who'd been sleeping in the buff), and he grabs a chair to invoke this trope.
  • Angel: In the episode I Will Remember You, during his day as a human, Angel uses a tub of ice-cream to hide his groin as he's returning to bed with Buffy. And later, in "Life Of The Party", he does it with a pillow.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoofed in "Go Fish" when Xander struts into the pool area having secretly joined the swim team, only to be confronted by the female Scoobies staring at him in surprise and some rather frank appreciation. Even though he's already wearing speedoes, a suddenly embarrassed Xander grabs a float board and a tube of lotion to cover the same region.
    • In, "Nightmares", Xander finds himself in class in his boxers. His response to that is to cover his chest.
  • Highlander pulled a pillow version with Duncan in one episode as well. Only it was apparently not his doing, a female immortal bounty hunter had him tied to the bed.
  • One later episode of Red Dwarf has Lister and Rimmer being marched into see the captain after getting accidentally infected with nano-tech that disintegrates their clothes and hair. They use both hands to cover themselves as they are marched once again down that long corridor.
  • A Halloween episode of Psych, with David Naughten as guest star, paid homage to the above scene in An American Werewolf in London by having Sean and Gus find a self-proclaimed werewolf in their garage, wearing nothing but a bunch of balloons.
  • In Merlin, Arthur walks out from behind a modesty screen in the buff, only to be confronted by Guinevere who has rushed into his chambers to rescue him from a Brainwashed and Crazy Merlin (long story). Arthur grabs a pillow to cover himself as Guinevere tries to explain herself. What makes the scene is that Gaius, the elderly court physician is also present, trying to hide Merlin behind a curtain and clearly struggling not to laugh.
  • Hustle: Danny Blue loses a game of Strip Poker and attempts to salvage what is left of his dignity with a strategically placed cushion.
  • Three's Company had an episode where they played strip poker, ending with a "winner take all" hand. As they left Furly's apartment (where the game was held), Larry was covering himself with a newspaper, the two girls he brought with him had Modesty Towels, Jack was wearing a box and Furly had two pillows.
  • MuchMusic in Canada once had "Not Much On Day", which featured host Rachel Perry hosting nude while covering herself with her arms, sitting down with her legs in front of her as well as various objects, including newspapers, lights, trophies, Censor Boxes, balloons and melons.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "Class Action Satisfaction", Jane and Maura have to take a decontamination shower after being exposed to a potential pathogen. After coming out of the shower, Jane tries to keep a medical waste bin between her and anyone else.
  • After losing his Slippery Swimsuit, Alex has to wear a deflated pool toy as a diaper in the final episode of The Worst Year of My Life, Again.
  • In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, a bunch of grapes does this for Hercules as he models for Salmoneous.
  • Horrible Histories: The man who has his toga stolen during the Shouty Man's ad for the Roman Baths uses a book from the bath library to preserve his modesty.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "The Oblong Murders", a woman walks in on Jones while he is in the shower and is obviously enjoying the view. He hurriedly grabs a washcloth to cover himself.
  • Dog Eat Dog: Rose covers her breasts with her hands after playing strip darts.
  • The Flash (2014): In "Flash vs. Arrow", Felicity's blouse catches fire after Barry races her at superspeed to STAR Labs. She pulls off the blouse just as Kaitlyn and Cisco enters, and hurriedly holds her handbag up to cover her chest.
  • DCI Banks: In "Friend of the Devil", Jackman arrives at a hotel looking for the father of a victim. After getting no answer to a knock at the door, she opens the door and the man suddenly appears holding a pillow over his crotch.
  • The New Avengers: In "Three Handed Game", Purdey bursts in on Gambit as he is posing as a life model for a sculptress. He hurriedly grabs a sheet to cover himself up.
  • Conversed in a first-season Castle episode. Beckett complains that the fictional Detective Nikki Heat is naked on the Contemptible Cover of her debut novel, and Castle points out that she's holding a gun, "strategically placed".
  • Strange Hill High: After Templeton has his trousers stolen in "The Lost and Found Boy", he hides in his locker covering his privates with a textbook.