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Hand Or Object Underwear: Live-Action Films
  • Uma Thurman as Venus makes her entrance in a re-creation of the Botticelli pose in Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
  • An American Werewolf in London. "Mummy, a naked American man stole my balloons!"
  • Hilariously parodied in The Jerk, when Steve Martin leaps from the bathtub and goes charging outside naked but covering his groin with his small pet dog. Once outside, he picks up another small dog to cover his backside.
  • During A Fish Called Wanda, Archie uses an apparently vacant apartment to seduce Wanda. However new tenants arrive during his nude dance, so he fumbles to retrieve the closest object to cover his privates. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a portrait of the woman of the house.
  • In Rush Hour 2, Inspector Lee and James Carter end up running through the streets of Hong Kong completely naked after a fight at a massage parlor. A short time later, Carter is using two garbage can lids to cover himself and Lee is using two old newspapers to do the same.
  • The above is a deliberate Call Back to Jackie Chan's earlier movie The Accidental Spy; a hilarious fight scene starting in a Turkish bath has him fighting in the nude against a couple of Mooks, in a busy Istanbul market, all the while trying to cover up using newspapers, hand brooms, bowls of spice and other objects.
  • In the underrated musical movie The American Mall, during the "The New You" song, two of Madison's back-up dancers rip off Joey's clothing and he covers his groin with his hands... even thought he was already in his boxers.
  • Innocent Fanservice Boy George of the Jungle (played by Brendan Fraser) has this scene with Ursula grabbing things for him to cover up with. It does spur an amusing comment from Ursula's friend Betsy: "... See why they made him King of the Jungle..."
  • The... er... climax of The Full Monty shows the men use the caps of their policeman stripper outfits to cover their naughty bits before tossing them away to general cheering.
  • Inadvertedly funnily done in Friday the 13th Part 2. Terry gets out of the water from Skinny Dipping, and finds her clothing missing. She then covers up her chest calling out to the guy who stole them. Funny in that she does not cover her groin (which was out of frame).
  • Likewise, during the first death scene from the original Halloween (1978), Michael's sister covers her breasts with her hands as she's being killed. Apparently, keeping her nipples from showing up on camera is more important than either hiding her groin or fending off a knife attack.
    • She reflexively covers her breasts when she sees her little brother in the room to avoid exposing herself to him (in the split second before he begins attacking her), then continues to keep them there in a futile attempt to defend herself.
  • In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the Secretary Bird does this after his clothing (minus his necktie) gets blown off of him by King Ledonias' yelling. Though, he didn't really have anything to cover up in the first place...
  • Done with Uma Thurman and a speaker stack in The Truth About Cats and Dogs.
  • A Shot in the Dark invokes the trope when Inspector Clouseau visits a nudist colony to question a suspect. He borrows a guitar just so he can hold it front of himself, and has a pool float on his back.
  • In The Proposal, Sandra Bullock goes after a towel, fighting the dog, with only her arms to cover herself.
  • Happens in the first Police Academy, when Mahoney schemes to get Harris' Yes-Man Procter naked and trapped outside. He winds up at the Blue Oyster Club.
  • In Fantastic Four, the first time Johnny Storm flames on, he vaporizes all of his clothing and spends a considerable amount of time awkwardly prancing around naked with his ski instructor's jacket around his waist (after doing her of course).
  • Often in Carry On movies.
    • In Carry On Dick, Dick Turpin (Sid James) robs the clothing off the Police Inspector (Kenneth Williams) and his wife. She has only her big hat in front of her.
  • In Airheads, Pip (Adam Sandler) uses his cap when he's caught making out with station employee Suzzi.
  • In the first part of the film version of Till Death Us Do Part (set during the Second World War), Alf Garnett is having a bath in front of the fire when the National Anthem is played on the radio. Being a patriotic Englishman, he stands up — then realises he's facing a photograph of the King and Queen which is hanging on the wall. He's forced to cover his groin with his hands until the anthem finishes.
  • At the end of Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) Pat Boone ends up a tree completely naked, trying to hide his body from a group of Italian nuns. After being suddenly deposited on the ground, he grabs a sheep and runs off clutching it to his groin. Insert joke here....
  • Danielle De Luca does this in Naked Fear when she initially wakes up naked and a little while after when she's walking around looking for someone, despite being in the middle of the wilderness and having no one around for miles.
  • The need to carefully select your shield is demonstrated in Cloud Atlas when the Parents Walk In at the Worst Time and the young lad sleeping with their daughter grabs the cat, who promptly sinks its claws into a sensitive spot, causing him to fall out the window and break several bones. The medical report stated the Cause Of Injury was "pussy".
  • In American Reunion, a pantless Jim covers himself with the lid of a pan, however we learn later that the lid is made of glass and transparent. There is an up-close shot before he gets a frying pan to replace it.
  • Played with in Battle Beyond the Stars, where the only material covering the impressive breasts of Ms. Fanservice Action Girl Saint-Exman of the Valkyrie resembles a pair of silver hands.
  • In Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Alan loses his trousers and underwear while wriggling out through a window. He attempts to cover his genitals with his hands, but is then confronted by an armed police officer who demands he put his hands up.
  • A model hastily covers her breasts with her arms when Ki-su rides his bike through the backstage area of an underwear fashion show in Quick.
  • What's Your Number? Where Colin (played by Chris Evans) eats an apple and casually talks to Ally, all while being naked and having only a hand towel, and a banister, to cover his family jewels. We see all but that part.
  • In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Captain America mannequin at the Howling Commandos exhibit in the Smithsonian certainly looks like it's doing this with it's shield after Cap takes his old uniform back.

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