Hand Or Object Underwear / Fan Works

  • John Gage uses it in the Emergency! fic "A Woman Scorned". A woman attacks him while they are camping and steals his car and clothes (which he'd removed as they were about to get it on), leaving him naked in the woods. First, the only thing he finds upon reaching a road is a burger wrapper reading "Dinky Burger", and hopes no women find him due to how mortifying it would be to be seen with the word "dinky" over his male anatomy. A trucker who gives him a ride gives him a baseball cap, and he shows up at Roy's with the cap in front and a rag behind.
  • A Naked Padawan, a StarWars fic has Obi Wan and Qui-Gon taking shelter in a cave from a windy snowstorm. Obi Wan has to strip naked because his robes are soaked and need to dry by the fire. The next morning, a couple of female Jedi arrive to pick up the stranded duo. Obi Wan forgets briefly that he's naked and ends up slipping, landing on his back and sliding down the hill, skidding to a stop right in front of the new arrivals. He jumps up and stands with his hands in front of his, er, anatomy, stammering and embarrassed, until Qui-Gon throws his robes to him.