Hazel look, the field!\\
The field is covered with blood\\
It's all around us.
->-- [[Characters/WatershipDown Fiver]]

My heart has joined the\\
Thousand, for my friend Bigwig\\
Stopped running today
->-- [[Characters/WatershipDown Hazel]]

''Hoi, hoi, u embleer[[note]](Hoi, hoi, the stinking)[[/note]]\\
Hrair, elil M'saion [[note]](Thousand, we meet them even)[[/note]]\\
ulé hraka vair. [[color:white:....]] [[note]](When we take a shit.)[[/note]]''
->-- [[Characters/WatershipDown Bigwig]]

Take me with you, stream\\
I'll be rabbit-of-the-stream\\
Down into the depths
->-- [[Characters/WatershipDown Silverweed]]

"Fools! Come back and fight!"\\
..They {{never found the body}}\\
[[SedgwickSpeech "Dogs aren't dangerous!"]]
->-- {{Tropers/Berr}}

Bunnies are so cute\\
Especially bloodstained\\
Cue childhood trauma
->-- @/FreezairForALimitedTime

But all I wanted\\
Was a movie about some\\
Cute little bunnies
->-- @/MisterPollock

Cute bunnies travel\\
Guided by a WaifProphet\\
[[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids Do not give to kids]]
->-- @/HappyDuck

Can creatures have angst?\\
Richard Adams also wrote\\
the strange ''The Plague Dogs''.
->-- [[Tropers/{{Shukmeister}} Shukmeister]]

Watched scary movie\\
About rabbits. Can't sleep now,\\
bunnies will eat me
->-- {{Tropers/Tranquility}}

Come back you cowards!\\
Rabbits are not dangerous\\
Come back here and fight!
->-- {{Tropers/Earthice224}}

Look, a bunny show!\\
Oh my god look at the blood\\
Innocence is gone.\\
->-- {{Tropers/pittsburghmuggle}}