Haiku / Watership Down

Hazel look, the field!
The field is covered with blood
It's all around us.

My heart has joined the
Thousand, for my friend Bigwig
Stopped running today

Hoi, hoi, u embleernote 
Hrair, elil M'saion note 
ulé hraka vair. .... note 

Take me with you, stream
I'll be rabbit-of-the-stream
Down into the depths

"Fools! Come back and fight!"
..They never found the body
"Dogs aren't dangerous!"

Bunnies are so cute
Especially bloodstained
Cue childhood trauma

But all I wanted
Was a movie about some
Cute little bunnies

Cute bunnies travel
Guided by a Waif Prophet
Do not give to kids

Can creatures have angst?
Richard Adams also wrote
the strange The Plague Dogs.

Watched scary movie
About rabbits. Can't sleep now,
bunnies will eat me

Come back you cowards!
Rabbits are not dangerous
Come back here and fight!

Look, a bunny show!
Oh my god look at the blood
Innocence is gone.
->— pittsburghmuggle