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Haiku: Tvtropes Will Ruin Your Life
I've seen this before
I know the plot, the ending
It's ruined for me!

Just another page
Then I'll get some sleep, honest!
... Morning? Already?

Time and time again
I'm drawn here from lack of will
Agh, what have you done?!
— Davin Valkri

TV Tropes Wiki
A thousand hours wasted here.
Your life is ruined.

Read it when you're bored.
Ruin my life, you say? I'll
Die happily, then.

So many pages...
Time spent can really stack up.
I want my life back.

TV Tropes? I'll look in
I guess. Click, click, click, click, click
Wait - where'd 5pm go?

What is this site?
There's so many cool links, but
Why's it now Thursday?

This seems like fun, kid,
But Trust Me, I'm A Troper,
It ruins your life.

Random article...
Oh, so THAT'S a Chekhov's Gun!
Hold on, what's THIS trope...?

TV Tropes will not
Ruin my life; cause you can't
Ruin what's not there!

Somebody help me!
I just got on TV Tropes,
And I can't get off!

Just want to check this
I'll just click a few more links
Er, What Year Is This?

Open up a page
Will you be able to leave?
I don't think you can...

Oh, this show is here?
It has lots of examples!
...Never mind homework...
— Luna Safire

Some of it is good,
Some of it is also pretty bad.
But it's mostly cool.
TT 454

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