Haiku / The Ugly Barnacle

A simple story
For a bad case of ugly
You Need a Breath Mint.

There was an ugly
Barnacle. So ugly that
Everyone died. Fin.

Patrick tells a tale
of an ugly barnacle
SpongeBob was not helped.

Ugly barnacle
So ugly as to cause death
Not a helpful tale.

Spongebob feels ugly
Patrick tells him a story
Barnacle kills all.

Destroys everyone!
So ugly! The death of all:
Ugly Barnacle

A Spongebob appeared!
Pat used "Ugly Barnacle"!
It's not effective...

The story? Made of
fail. The entries? Made of Win.
What's the lesson here?

Once, there was an ugly
barnacle, so grotesque
as to finish life.

Ugly Barnacle
So ugly everyone died.
Cue Slasher Smile.

Soul wrought of evil
Ere his birth, is doomed to die
Naught could have saved him...

The spawn of Satan.
Not even he was prepared
for what was to come...

A story about
An ugly barnacle,
Never to catch on.

Why is this page so
long? It is only fifteen
words. What the hell, guys?

I have to agree
With that Troper 49
Why would we write this?

Ugly Barnacle
So ugly every one died.
The end. That's All, Folks!.

That poor barnacle.
He didn't mean to kill them.
Maybe they faked it?

One little story
Spawns a multitude of tropes
Our humor is weird.

Welcome to the web
Shall never be understood
Let's go for a ride.

Way too many tropes
For just one little story
This place is crazy.

Somehow this story
Got a humoungous tropes page
I don't understand