Maybe ''{{Hamlet}}'', or\\
Maybe ''[[Manga/KimbaTheWhiteLion Kimba]]''. Either way,\\
[[EnsembleDarkHorse Love that meerkat guy]].
->-- @/FreezairForALimitedTime

In their native tongue,\\
"Hakuna Matata" means,\\
"I don't give a [[SoundEffectBleep (bleep)]]."
->-- {{@/Eddurd}}

"What, you think I should\\
Dress in drag and hula dance?"\\
Cue GilliganCut.
->-- {{@/Eddurd}}

Classic Disney film\\
About talking animals\\
In African world.\\

->-- [[{{Tropers.Snowsky}} Snowsky]]

Timon and Pumbaa\\
They're [[PluckyComicRelief plucky comic relief]]\\
Meerkat and warthog.\\

->-- [[{{Tropers.Snowsky}} Snowsky]]

Usurp the Crown by\\
[[ManipulativeBastard Regicide and Fratricide.]]\\
That Scar's just Evil\\

->-- @/{{Phoenician}}

I must take my place\\
The Circle Of Life beckons\\
Simba is my name.\\


Hakuna Mata\\
ta. What a wonderful phrase.\\
It means no worries.\\


[[VillainSong Be Prepared]], buddy.\\
Your uncle is planning to\\
Take over Pride Rock.
-->-- Dark Elf Princess

A classic kid's film\\
About [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids pretty dark stuff]]\\
It's pretty epic.
-->The Dread Gazebo

Avenged fratricide\\
Some epic Music/EltonJohn songs\\
Meerkat and warthog.
-->-- @/{{Willbyr}}