Haiku / The Lion King

Maybe Hamlet, or
Maybe Kimba. Either way,
Love that meerkat guy.

In their native tongue,
"Hakuna Matata" means,
"I don't give a (bleep)."

"What, you think I should
Dress in drag and hula dance?"
Cue Gilligan Cut.

Classic Disney film
About talking animals
In African world.

Timon and Pumbaa
They're plucky comic relief
Meerkat and warthog.

Usurp the Crown by
Regicide and Fratricide.
That Scar's just Evil

I must take my place
The Circle Of Life beckons
Simba is my name.

Hakuna Mata
ta. What a wonderful phrase.
It means no worries.

Be Prepared, buddy.
Your uncle is planning to
Take over Pride Rock.
— Dark Elf Princess

A classic kid's film
About pretty dark stuff
It's pretty epic.
The Dread Gazebo

Avenged fratricide
Some epic Elton John songs
Meerkat and warthog.