Haiku / StarCraft

Do not annoy the
Protoss High Templar, or else
You'll ride the lightning.

You need more Pylons
You need more Vespene Gases
Not Warcraft IN SPACE!!
Major Tom

There was a blackout
But now the finals are back
The MSL's back

Flash is in god-mode
No one can stop him right now
No one but Jaedong


Some game that's out there
The source of addiction
For the Koreans

Ling rush kekeke
All they cause, is terrible,
terrible damage.

"Our enemies are
Massing their legions, and still
You procrastinate!"
Slvstr Chung, quoting the Protoss Carrier

Starcraft is like chess
but faster, in space, and
with more explosions

Zerg outnumber you
Terrans turtle in their base
Protoss psi storms rule

Three races at war
So profoundly different
And yet so equal

One great galaxy
Three great races are at war
One great RTS