Pineapple dweller\\
Has undersea adventures\\
With his wacky friends.\\

[--Submitted by @/OuttaTheBLAM--]

It's about a sponge\\
That lives in a pineapple?\\
How does this make sense?\\

-->-- @/StraightFlame

There was an [[Literature/TheUglyBarnacle ugly]]\\
[[Literature/TheUglyBarnacle Barnacle]], so ugly eve-\\
Ryone died. The end.\\

-->-- @/JohnnyLurg

At first it's just [[RuleOfFunny w]][[HilarityEnsues e]][[WidgetSeries i]][[MindScrew r]][[RefugeInAudacity d]],\\
but then, with SeasonalRot,\\
[[DethroningMoment/SpongebobSquarepants it gets so much worse.]]\\

-->-- @/AlexSora89

This show was a great classic,\\
[[SeasonalRot then it got sucky.]]\\
[[JumpingTheShark Now this show]] [[{{Gorn}} just]] [[SadistShow sucks]].\\

-->-- @/PancticeSquadCutterback

[[KarmaHoudini Karma Houdini]]\\
Describes greedy Eugene Krabs\\
Sometimes it doesn't.\\

-->-- Tropeicalparadise

self-destruct. Not one of my\\

-->-- Plankton (Imitation Krabs)

[[RuleOfFunny The]] [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic greatest]] [[GrowingTheBeard cartoon.]]\\
Then, [[JumpingTheShark hor]][[SadistShow rib]][[CringeComedy le]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids things]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs happened.]]\\
[[SeasonalRot It's way past its prime.]]\\

-->-- Stuffedninja

Oh my, Paul Tibbit...\\
Why did you ruin this show?\\
It used to be great!
-->-- Unknown Troper

Fruit under the sea\\
There's a sponge that's in it\\
It used to be fun
-->-- @/{{Thepenguinking2}}

Hillenburg Returns!\\
A little bit of beauty glows\\
within this little show again.\\