Just touch Vespa's hair\\
And she will go mad and push\\
The BerserkButton\\

Go LudicrousSpeed\\
In order to get Lone Starr\\
Too fast! Gone to plaid.\\
->-- Tropers/{{Shukmeister}}

One two three four five?\\
That's the same combination\\
That's on my luggage!\\

Vespa, come to me.\\
Daddy, is it really you?\\
Yes, dear. Would I lie?\\

Lone Starr will be ours.\\
Spaceball One is closing in.\\
Fire on one, two...wait!

How many Assholes\\
Do we have? I knew it I'm\\
[[SurroundedByIdiots Surrounded By Assholes!]]

The movie's done, we'll\\
Be back in Spaceballs Two: The\\
Search For More Money!

And there's only one\\
Man who would dare give me the\\
Raspberry. Lone Starr!

Very impressive,\\
Lone Starr. Too bad this isn't\\
The Wide World of Sports.

Complete. Spaceball One has now\\
Become...Mega Maid.

I have my coffee\\
I'm ready to watch radar.\\
Switch to teleview!

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