Haiku / Rick Roll

Familiar with love,
You know the rules, as do I.
Unique commitment.

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down. Oh no!
It's Rick Astley! Run!

This link intrigues me
Never gonna give you up
Damn you, Rick Astley

Never gonna say
goodbye, never gonna tell
a lie and hurt you.
—Anonymous Troper

I thought it would be
A funny prank to pull. Crap,
They hacked my YouTube.

Use this song in pranks,
You're a necrophiliac.
That's how dead it is.

NYC Parade
The entire world at large
tunes in, gets Rick Rolled

Watch this video!
"Never gonna give you up..."
Damn, Rick Rolled AGAIN!

Click this link- FREE PORN!
"Sounds sxciting. I'm in!" *click*
* music starts* "DAMN IT."

Underneath the meme,
Words of everlasting love.
A bard is our Rick!

We're not new to love;
You know the rules; so do I.
A full commitment...

I have thought of that.
Others won't give this to you.
I wish to share thoughts.

Will you understand?
Never gonna give you up;
I won't let you down.

I will not run off,
nor ever abandon you.
I'll not make you cry,

Nor say a goodbye.
I'll never lie and hurt you.
[Verse breaks are a pain.]

We've known each other,
For so long. Our hearts both ache,
You're too shy to say it.

This time, both of us
Understand our circumstance
And can play the game.

You ask how I feel?
I know that you can see it.
I won't give you up.

I won't let you down.
I'll never run from you,
I'll not desert you.

I won't make you cry,
Nor will I say a goodbye,
nor a hurtful lie.

We've known each other
For so long. Your heart's aching;
Don't be shy, say it!

Because we both know
What is happening with us,
We will play the game.

I want to tell you
How I am feeling, so you
Understand. (Repeat?)

Never give you up,
I will never let you down,
Nor cry, nor desert you.

I'll never make you cry,
Nor will I say goodbye, nor
a hurtful lie.