Outside Wiki/TVTropes\\
It's not on the internet\\
[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife We used to live there]]

[[ShowWithinAShow Show Outside The Shows]]\\
Where the fiction is written\\
You should check it out

Turn off computer\\
Live without the internet\\
It's overrated.
->-- {{@/Timber}}

Need new ideas?\\
Real life has lots of them,\\
Go and take a look!
->-- katzsoa

It has to be touched\\
Not obtained in your own dreams\\
Then you'll find purpose
->-- @/DJMarred

It might feel better\\
Inside your own fantasies\\
But love is out there.
->-- {{@/Enero25}}

Right now, you are reading this\\
But then, so am I.
->-- {{@/Jcatgrl}}

This is a haiku\\
I am very original\\
Can you not see that?

[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Forget life]], look at\\
the Haiku above mine - one\\
extra syllable.
->-- {{@/dezastico}}

Such a CrapsackWorld,\\
but, really, if we hold on,\\
we are all okay.

How can it be a\\
CrapsackWorld when it brought us\\
Wiki/TVTropes to read!
->-- Tropers/{{Pittsburghmuggle}}

Well, the world may be\\
[[CrapsackWorld bad and terrible]] but it\\
is a WorldHalfFull.
->-- Tropers/{{Fniff}}

They say life happens\\
Outside the video screen\\
But the real world sucks!\\