Haiku / Phoenician

Oh simple Haiku
It's Five and Seven and Five
Brings Me Happiness

You know Gargoyles?
Made a pact with a Demon . . .
Macbeth was still screwed.

Usurp the Crown by
Regicide and Fratricide.
That Scar's just Evil

Oh Stan and Wendy
True romance is but simply
vomit in the face

Next Christmas party,
watch out for Elaine's dancing . . .
Sweet Fancy Moses! >_<

Frustrating Facebook
Statuses never stay put

Think I'll write Haiku . . .

Love the US Mint
The one bit of government
That truly makes Cents

Docs House and Cuddy
You're made for each other, but
Will not be happy.

Anniversary ~
There would be more years if the
rear ending counted . . .

Knock Knock / Oh who's there?
Hike. / Hike who? / Congrats, you just
read a Haiku joke . . .