Two young step-brothers\\
Bored during their vacation\\
Build amazing things

Okay, Ferb! I know\\
What we're gonna do today!\\
But hey... where's Perry?

Triangle-head kid\\
And soft-spoken British boy\\
Accomplish great feats

Heinz Doofenshmirtz is\\
Constructing more -inators?\\
Stop him, Agent P.!

I Better call Mom.\\
My stepbrothers are doing\\
Stuff in the backyard.

Mom! Phineas and\\
Ferb are writing a haiku\\
Sure they are, honey

Just built a roller coaster\\
In the backyard. MOOOOM!

Perry bursts into\\
My lab, thwarting my evil.\\
Curse you, platypus!

Wow, Ferb, that was fun.\\
But how'd it all disappear?\\
''There'' you are, Perry!\\
Aren't we a bit old\\
To watch Phineas and Ferb?\\
Why yes, yes we are.

A hundred and four\\
Days of summer vacation\\
Know what we're doing?

The two minds who lent\\
Hands in WesternAnimation/CatDog, [[WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife RML]],\\
Now have their own show.

A secret agent?!?\\
You did not stop or tell us\\

Best show on TV.\\
Everything is perfect\\
Go watch it right now.\\

I am very sad\\
That this show ended so soon.\\
It's fanbase lives on.\\