Haiku / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Pleasantly surprised;
"Why do we love ponies so?"
Adult men ponder

Lauren Faust's proof that
Girly shows can be awesome
Busy now: PONIES

My Little Pony:
Friendship is Magic is now
twenty times cooler.

My Little Pony;
Awesome show, but only if
Friendship is Magic.

Lauren Faust's ponies:
Huge success with older males.
Indicative name?

An old brony quote:
"Confound those little ponies,
They drive me to drink!"

Can you believe it?
A good show about ponies?
I love it so much!

Fine, be skeptical
If you take one little peek

Sheís Celestia
Princess of Equestria
Making the sun rise

Luna the younger
Rules over the moon and night
Also a Princess

Rainbow Dash is fast
Wants to be a Wonderbolt
Go Rainbow Dash, go!

An Apple Farmer
Applejack works very hard
For her family

Sweet shy Fluttershy
Loves all birds and animals
And cares for them too

Happy Pinkie Pie
Loves to throw lots of parties
Bringing joy to all

Studious pony
And Celestiaís student
Sheís Twilight Sparkle

Stylish Rarity
Makes dresses for a living
Donít call her a mule

Spike the young dragon
Has a crush on Rarity
Likes to eat gemstones

Wall-eyed fan-favourite
Derpy Hooves delivers post
And sure loves muffins

Lyra and Bon Bon
Aren't they so cute together?
Fandom's OTP

Traveller of space,
Havenít we seen him before?
Yes! Itís Doctor Whooves

Is that Q voicing
Discord? How did they get him
to do such a thing?
—>Sizzly Bacon

His name is Discord
Spirit of disharmony
Best Big Bad ever

Why do I like this?
Why the hell do I like this?
Mswordx 24

Just an FYI -
I like kickass Rainbow Dash
He likes Fluttershy.

Ponies on the Screens
You know where I'm at
Friendship in ray beams
20% cooler in 10 seconds flat

Ponies swarm 4chan
The unthinkable happened
Oh No... Not Again!

Ponies are awesome
It would have been surprising
[adult swim] spoiled it

Grown male pony fans;
shipping cartoon horses is
the new machismo

Ponies WERE for kids;
Enter the great Lauren Faust;
Welcome to the Herd
Ace Of Scarabs

Reluctant to watch.
Fine, just one quick peek...LATER
—Tropers/R.L. Yoshi

Fabulous moustache
Somepony chopped it clean off
I cried, "what a world"

Pipsqueak the pirate
Here for his first Nightmare Night
Doesn't get candy
Underlord Z

Lebowski shout-out
In MLP episode?
Fangasms were had.

Tank is a tortoise
And though annoying at first
He's now Rainbow's pet

When I watch this show
I always think that guys are
Watching this show too

Now I'm a brony
I have no regrets right now
I can has brohoof?

My Little Pony
Now twenty-percent cooler
Thank you, Lauren Faust

Now, Hearth's Warming eve
Has come into our grand hearts
Friendship can now bloom

"Careful, Derpy" and
"I just don't know what went wrong!"
All bronies rejoice.
The Doctor Donna

My Little Pony
Isn't that for little girls?
But it makes me smile

Every episode
At least one thing makes me say
Damn, I love this show!

My friends all scoff, "Dude,"
"You watch My Little Pony?"
I reply, "Eeeyup."
-R.L. Yoshi

The Queen Chrysalis:
Feeds off your love and shapeshifts
And beats Celestia!

Cherry Jubilee
AJ works at a brothel?
Nah, it's a kid's show.

Slavemaster Sombra
Terrorized Crystal Ponies
Heart as black as night

No more Derpy Hooves
Twilight now an alicorn?
Some say: "It's over!"
-The Great Unknown

Derpy has returned
Season four comes in due time
Fandom remains strong

Pleasant fashion show
Giant laser strikes a god
Friendship is magic
Clever Pun

Woah, what the hay! I
Didn't think this would be good!
...Did I just say 'hay?'
-_- -Syrika

Rock, you are a rock
Gray, like a rock, which you are
Maud really loves rocks.
-U Moon

Tirek steals magic
Twilight uses Kamehameha?!?
Surprisingly not anime.

The background ponies
Get their day in the limelight.
The fans celebrate.