Rule: The short the text,\\
better for all, remember.\\
All pretty simple.

And now [[Main/SarcasmMode in English]]:\\
The shorter the article,\\
The better it is.

Omit Needless Words.\\
[[spoiler:''[Rest of Haiku form blank for\\
Obvious reasons]'']]
-->--@/JohnnyE (edited by {{@/SAMAS}})

A useful device.\\
For pages where you would say\\
"Too long, did not read."

Reading hurts your brain?\\
Read the laconic wiki\\
Your brain will thank you.
-->--Rich Reeders

Read the short version\\
Then, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife for the links]], visit the\\
Unabridged version.

Our shortened page text.\\
You want more information?\\
Unabridged version.

Short as possible\\
[[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]]\\
[[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]] [[{{Beat}} .]]

[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Haiku]]. [[spoiler:Ha! I win!]]\\
[[spoiler:I wrote the shortest Haiku!]]\\
[[spoiler:Or ''did'' I? Oh no...]]

Describe it quickly.\\
Only few words will suffice.\\
Laconic Wiki.\\
[- Tropers/MisterApple-]