Baby wished away\\
Thirteen-hour time limit\\
Boogie Wonderland
-->Sapphire Redux

Children, do not look.\\
An Internet star is born:\\
David Bowie's "Area."

Oh, please don't say that\\
'You remind me of the babe'\\
Because then-- "What babe?"

Ludo, furry beast\\
Who would have ever forseen\\
He'd have his own band?

Is it just me, or\\
Does Connelly's acting go\\
From poor to decent?

[[IgnoreTheFanservice Focus, Sarah, don't\\
Get distracted by Jareth's]]\\
[[PaintedOnPants Tight, revealing pants.]]
-->Miss Desperado

Hoggle forgiven?\\
Yay! "Now let's get that rat who\\
calls himself Jareth!"
-->Miss Desperado