Haiku: Lost

I am still waiting
for the writers to make sense.
I think they are Lost.

-Amazingly Enough

You can almost hear
This show's writers giving up
It's quite amusing

Four, eight, fifteen, six-
Teen, twenty-three, forty-two;
Someone please explain?

Four, eight, fifteen, six-
Teen, twenty-three, forty-two.
Total? One-oh-eight.

All of the strange things
On the island are caused by
"You guys, where ARE we?"
Numbers bear smoke four-toed foot.
Good enough for me.

For six whole seasons
They brought us together. Now,
It's time to let go.

God fucking damn it
The end was a Tear Jerker
We will miss you, Lost

I don't understand
What the hell is going on
What makes Walt special

The hatch, it opens
Theresa falls up the stairs
Aye, that's right, brother