Haiku / Lost

I am still waiting
for the writers to make sense.
I think they are Lost.

-Amazingly Enough

You can almost hear
This show's writers giving up
It's quite amusing

Four, eight, fifteen, six-
Teen, twenty-three, forty-two;
Someone please explain?

Four, eight, fifteen, six-
Teen, twenty-three, forty-two.
Total? One-oh-eight.

All of the strange things
On the island are caused by
"You guys, where ARE we?"
Numbers bear smoke four-toed foot.
Good enough for me.

For six whole seasons
They brought us together. Now,
It's time to let go.

God fucking damn it
The end was a Tear Jerker
We will miss you, Lost

I don't understand
What the hell is going on
What makes Walt special

The hatch, it opens
Theresa falls up the stairs
Aye, that's right, brother

Started off so good
Up yours, Lindelof.