Haiku / It Was His Sled

Rosebud was a sled.
You likely know that by now.
How can you not know?

Aeris gets killed off
When disc one comes to an end.
Of course, you knew that.
— Xolroc

I read Final Night
Because Jordan's heroics
Are discussed these days

In current stories.
Parallax turning good was
All I knew prior
(true story.)

His dad is Vader
But somehow I didn't know
Mom gave it away

Snape kills Dumbledore
Cried in math class when I heard
What?! You didn't know?

The whole game was just
The game is a lie!
— Slammurai

You already know
That Sheik is Princess Zelda
Just like all of us.
— Dark Elf Princess

Neo is the One
Tyler Durden isn't real
'Twas Earth all along
— Stong Radd

Everybody knew. It's a very well known twist. It's not a shocker.