Haiku: Gravity Falls

Not every summer
do abstruse tourism sites
become your locale.
—> SizzlyBacon

What do you get when
twins move in with Grunkle Stan?
So much craziness.
—> ConanEdogawa

Now who here would like
To put on a few blindfolds
And enter my car?
—> Fossils Da Da Da

The Mystery Shack
Is run by a man that is
More than what he seems
—> Enjoydamoment

Liar and monster
Beware the pyramid eye
HE is watching you!
—> cemetarysweetheart

The newest attract—
—tion at the Mystery Shack
is you, the viewer.
—> {{@Adele Potter}}

Never thought I'd say
That I ship Dipcifica
But I totes do now
—> {{@lisamariefan}}

After all this time
We finally get answers
Twins run in family's
—> Enjoydamoment

After thirty years
The Author is coming back
And he is Stan's twin.
—> {{Tropers/Alkochochlik}