Haiku / Glee

Who says that music
cannot solve high school drama?
Status Quo Is God.

High School Musical?
Seems plausible, but it's not
It's way more intense -Cheeseypoofs

Everyone will cry
Everyone will get pregnant
Everyone will sing

Hot 20 year-olds
Singing and dancing in school
Might as well join them

We know Shue will find
Yet another Journey song
Don't stop believing

Kurt leaves Mckinley
It's Harry Freakin' Potter!
The fangirls rejoice

Oh, Finn and Rachel
Can't you just stay together?
Less drama that way.

Sadly, far from true.
Finn proposed; Rachel said yes:
Trainwreck in progress.

Kurtofsky and Klaine
Artanny and Britanna
Shipping Wars are hell.
—>—Sparky Young Upstart

A bunch of actors
Way older than teenagers
Singing cheesy songs.

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