Who would have thought that\\
A dying game company\\
Would win by lying?
-->- ~[[{{Tropers/Ingonyama}} Ingonyama]]

Get the Four Crystals\\
Fly an airship, swing a sword\\
Defeat a bishie
-->- [[{{Tropers/Kerrah}} Kerrah]]

Have we JumpedTheShark? \\
Been going for 20 years... \\
Hell, let's keep going.
-->- [[Tropers/TheHeroHartmut The Hero Hartmut]] (also applies to TheSimpsons)

No game is the same.\\
[[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Except of course for X-2]]...\\
[[BrokenBase Amano or Nomura?]]\\
-->- [[{{Tropers/Vitanova}} Vitanova]]

You loved the first game,\\
The sequel tried something new,\\
This new game just sucks.\\
-->- [[{{Tropers/BlueHighwind}} BlueHighwind]]

Epic fantasy\\
Thirteen great games and counting\\
Cue [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Bridge Crossing Theme]]\\
-->- @/MrDeath

VII or X best?\\
And then there are all the rest.\\
"Final"? You must jest.
-->- @/WanderlustWarrior

"Fan"boys boast and brag:\\
[[NostalgiaFilter The older ones trump them all!]]\\
New games just can't win.\\
-->- {{Tropers/deeman45}}